May 6th, 2009

Mosaic Madness

Nothing makes me happier than having customers (decorative painters) who have customers (daring homeowners) who are willing and wanting to push the envelope, so to speak, with designs and patterns in their homes. Granted, these types of projects MAY require a healthy budget, but more importantly they resist the need to “play it safe”. Case in point: this amazing faux mosaic application that was inspired by the art and decoration at the original Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.


Michelle, on our staff, did an amazing job of creating these large mosaic flowers, and Anna and Scott Sadler of Surface Refinements in Scottsdale, Arizona got to do the fun indredibly tedious part of applying various colors of metal leaf, metallic foil and metallic paints to the individual squares, estimated to be around 7,000 in number. Talk about commitment and determination-or as Anna calls it-insanity!



Yes, a LOT of work. But seriously, HOW MUCH do you want something like this in your bathroom? I want it BAD! I even want to see it going up one wall, across the ceiling , and down the other side. Maybe Anna and Scott would want to come to my studio here an do that, now that they have so much “experience”.


You can see how much this “mosaic madness” has gotten under their skin…..


Update: My friend in stenciling, Helen Morris, blogged about this here.

Alabama Chanin creates an amazing array of beautiful products through a focus on slow design and sustainability.


As outlined on their website, ” Our philosophy centers on the celebration and preservation of uniquely American traditions while building a sustainable business mode. We strive to source materials locally when possible and to reuse, or ‘upcycle’ at every turn. We do not live as though there is no tomorrow; rather, we live as though we know there will be. ” Not only do I find this idea uplifting, I find their products and photography to be incredibly artisticly inspiring. Particularly, and not surprisingly, their use of stencils in the process of creating gorgeous fabrics, clothing and home accessories.alabama-chanin-pillows-3



I love this particularly soft and cozy take on classic Moroccan geometric tile patterns in a soft color palette.


Their finished products are a bit pricy, but they also offer Alabama Studio Style Workshops on how to produce their look with hand sewing techniques (how fun!!) and through the Alabama Stitch Book ,which I picked up last year at ABC Carpet and Home. I have to say I think that their style has become much more developed and refined since the book’s publishing and I’m looking forward to keeping up with what they introduce in the future!!

May 1st, 2009

Robins Nest


On my last painting trip to Marrakech I was fortunate to be accompanied by a special group of amazing and talented women. Shown above are just three of them: Robin Johnston, Cynthia Davis, and Heather Bruno Sears. This was on one of our fun nights out to Le Comptoir, where we treated to beautiful belly dancers on our table. It was too much fun and our best night out I think! Check out the link if you want to feel exotic….


Robin recently updated her website, Faux Couture, and I’d like to share some of her lovely work with you.



Robin’s finishes have a quality that makes me think of “comfort”.



The soft, subtly layered colors, the pretty details, the vintage quality all combine to create a feeling of something cherished and faded that you might have inherited from a loved one.


Of course I may be little partial because she incorporates a lot of stencils from Royal Design Studio, but I would seriously be happy to have any of these looks on my walls, some furniture or even art canvases. Robin lives and works in the Detroit, Michigan area. You can find more on her Faux Couture website!