May 1st, 2009

Robins Nest


On my last painting trip to Marrakech I was fortunate to be accompanied by a special group of amazing and talented women. Shown above are just three of them: Robin Johnston, Cynthia Davis, and Heather Bruno Sears. This was on one of our fun nights out to Le Comptoir, where we treated to beautiful belly dancers on our table. It was too much fun and our best night out I think! Check out the link if you want to feel exotic….


Robin recently updated her website, Faux Couture, and I’d like to share some of her lovely work with you.



Robin’s finishes have a quality that makes me think of “comfort”.



The soft, subtly layered colors, the pretty details, the vintage quality all combine to create a feeling of something cherished and faded that you might have inherited from a loved one.


Of course I may be little partial because she incorporates a lot of stencils from Royal Design Studio, but I would seriously be happy to have any of these looks on my walls, some furniture or even art canvases. Robin lives and works in the Detroit, Michigan area. You can find more on her Faux Couture website!

6 Responses to “Robins Nest”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Beautiful, Robin! I love your style and color combinations. Miss you!

  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Thanks for sharing Melanie,
    Lovely work Robin!! Your color combo’s are beautiful.

  3. Fauxology Says:

    Oh, love layers & stencils — so gorgeous! I’d truly enjoy having those panels in my home. I’d never get tired of them.

  4. grace wieber Says:

    Robin, ooh ooh aahhhhh. Love your work. It’s like being in a wonderful dream. Also, for me,
    very Botticelli. Hope you are prospering in your business. Things are very slow here in Florida.
    (I want Melanie’s lace stencil).

    Again and again, thanks for sharing such beautiful work.

    Grace :)

  5. Rhonda Canales Says:

    Robin your site and your work is very beautiful. I feel like I am in a cathedral in Italy. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Robin’s work is gorgeous….a true reflection of her; beautiful through and through. I feel very blessed to have met Robin, Cindy, and the rest of our 2009 Morocco team. Inspiring comradery…keep up the good work Robin! Ah…yes…it was a purely magical evening at Le Comptoir!

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