June 25th, 2010

Modello Mural on decor8

What a lovely surprise to see the art deco mural I designed for Peacock Pavilions today on decor8! It seems that Holly is leading a group over there this coming October for a weeklong  focus on decorating and successful blogging. I blogged about the creation of this dramatic, black and gold mural after Peacock Painting trip there in January 2009.

Modello stencil mural

I actually had the amazing experience of sleeping under this mural just this past May, as I took another flock of Peacock Painters back to Marrakech to stencil a dramatic black and white hospitality tent on the property. Maryam did quite a few blog posts about it, but I am obviously VERY far behind on my own blogging as I have yet to even post picture myself here. Ugh!!! Pay no attention to that large “L” pasted on my forehead….

Modello Mural detail

Meanwhile you can see more on our previous 2 magical Marrakech painting trips right here!

June 16th, 2010

Cover Girl

I am very happy to report that the long-awaited followup book to Modello by Design-Inspiring Interiors, from Artist’ Portfolios Vol. 1 is at the printers and will be available for shipping in a few weeks time. This latest version, Vol. 2, features some amazing work by 68 professional decorative artisans from around the country. Three different artisans were chosen as “featured artists” based on the depth and range of their work, as well as the beautiful photography that they submitted. First and foremost in the book is Gracie Reed of Grace Designs in Dallas. Her work is featured on the book’s cover.


Gracie brings a special quality to her decorative work. Her amazing attention to detail is evident in the way that she blends patterns, colors, textures and finishes. Also outstanding is the way that she carefully styles each room. The barrel ceiling shown above features our popular Chambord carpet and panel pattern.


Here, a patinated and patterned mirror, using Flourish969,  rests atop an elegantly stenciled furniture piece.


Embedded pattern on Venetian plaster walls, FlorentineGrille705,  is beautifully accented with more patinated and patterned mirror. Here,  OrnTile137  is repeated in custom shutters.

Modello-stencil 5

One of our tribal panel patterns, IndPan105 , was cut small to create a custom art piece that seems perfectly balanced with an entry table.


Our Prajna concrete carpet pattern anchors this rich Victorian-style parlor with a complimentary punch of color.

You can see much more of Gracie’s work, and many more inspirational interior shots (175 in all!) in this new book. Due to the high cost of printing, we are offering a very limited amount of these books for sale. You can pre-order the book until July 15 at a $3 savings. Additionally, we will deduct the U.S. ground shipping charges upon invoicing for a total savings of $17. Book sales are brisk! Don’t miss the opportunity to reserve your limited-edition copy of Modello by Design-Inspiring Interiors from Artists’ Portfolios, Vol. 2!