I was recently contacted by the producers of the show Moving Up with Doug Wilson (on TLC) as they were looking for an artist on Long Island to do some work in a house that they were featuring. I was happy to pass that opportunity along to Joyce Frey of Elegant Touch, a longtime customer. Joyce and her partner did some work with some Celtic-inspired Modello Masking Patterns in the dining room, as well as a hand painted mural.

The premise of the show is that they follow the people moving in and out of homes as they move up the “property ladder” ( I think that they wrote that description some time ago….). At any rate, they are encourage to weigh in on what the new owners have done with “their” old home. Joyce has heard that the old owners dissed a bit about the house whe was working in, so she’s a little nervous though she has no ideas what their issues were.

Venetian Plaster 1



If you’d like to tune in to find out how this, and other, rooms turned out and if the previous owners approved, tune in tomorrow evening, Tuesday, July 28 at 8pm to find out. Hopefully they will show more than 2 seconds of it. You never know what will and won’t end up on the cutting room floor with these shows! I think it’s lovely Joyce!!