October 31st, 2008

Happy Halloween!

From the gang at Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs.

Modello Halloween

Jerome (Ladie’s Man), Jim (Miss Jim), Theresa (Saucy Piratess), Maniac Maynard (Santa’s Bad Brother. Very Bad), Me (Just another bad hair day. OK, Bride of Frankenstein), Michelle (Wednesday), Eric (Nascar Mechanic), Natalie (Anonymous Ipod Dancer), and Tony (1970′s Vulcan DJ)


October 27th, 2008

The Color Purple

Have you noticed? Shades of lavender popping up everywhere, from soft sweaters at Banana Republic (ask me how I know this!) to these recent pages of Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Love it with the Moroccan door!





This photo below is my favorite. LOVE the wallpaper and touches of black.


How cool is this curved wall?  A similar effect can easily be created with tape and metallic paint. Imagine the possibilities for all different types of geometric patterns?!



I’ve had this page tacked onto one of my studio walls for months now.

Purple Modello

It inspired my purple lime paint studio wall that now is adorned with Moroccan arches filled with bright pattern! Here, I used EasAll123.

Modello Studio Wall



October 22nd, 2008

Pretty Patinas

Some gorgeous examples of aged and patinated surfaces, both real and faux, from the October Veranda…

Modello photos

I’m noticing a LOT more photos in new books and current magazines lately that feature softly glazed walls. God gosh, it’s been 20 years since this became all “the rage” in the eighties. OF COURSE it’s time for a comeback. We’ll just call it “vintage”!



October 15th, 2008

Looking Down the Barrel

Here’s an AMAZING before and after of a barreled ceiling hallway, done by Tammy Murray of Waldwick, NJ.

Modello on Barrel Ceiling
Modello in Showhouse

What a transformation from blah to beautiful. I love this pattern AchAll103, which was created by me playing around with repeating simple architectural border design. Adobe Illustrator can be SO much fun that way!

October 10th, 2008

To Rwanda, with LOVE

Maybe a better title for this post would be “Putting it all in Perspective”. What a very scary week, what with the presidential campaign getting ugly and the stock market and financial outlook even uglier! And yet, we still have SOOOOO much when compared to most of the rest of the world. Oodles, really. Still plenty to give.

My dear friend Maryam wears many hats. She is a famous blogging girl, writer, boutique hotel owner, and Moroccan design specialist extraordinaire, but her most important and impactful hat (besides her mother hat), it that of traveling human rights advocate. Her latest trip to Rwanda is detailed on her mymarrakech blog, and you REALLY SHOULD read every post, starting down with the post from September 27, to get the full picture. But most of all you should read this one about Vestine (be forwarned, it’s disturbing)


After this life changing trip Maryam is actively seeking to raise funds for Vestine and 4 other Rwandan genocide survivors. To quote Maryam from her recent blog post

PS   Eeek! Still $700 short for Team Vestine.  Please, might you have $10 to spare?  You can contribute  via paypal to the following address: [email protected].  100% of the funds will go to helping Vestine and four other genocide survivors set up micro-businesses so they can support themselves with dignity into the future.

I’ve pledged $500, which is about what I spent on my last big shopping spree to buy clothes that I coveted by didn’t really “need”. This made me feel infinitely better than tearing off those price tags….Please consider donating ANY amount, even if it’s just a few Frappucinnos worth. You can be assured that the money will go to directly impacting the precious lives of a few deserving women.

Related sidenote: I’ve been able to change the dates for the next trip to Marrakech to work on Maryam’s Peacock Pavilions from December to January 16-27. We have just a couple of spots left. If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing painting adventure, go here!

October 3rd, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

I wrapped up my first ever Elegant Reflections class earlier this week. It may be illegal to have that much fun! Of course, not everyone gets their kicks by stripping the paint off the backs of mirrors and pouring stinky sulphury stuff over the them to create wild patination patterns…..but some of us do……

Modello Mirrors

Like Julie Stonehouse…

Modello Mirrors

and Georgia Morrow….

Modello Mirrors

I’m SO sorry I didn’t get a picture of Regina Garay, who was here, and has posted about the class on her Fauxology blog. Regina! What bad bloggers we are to not even get a photo of us together!!! Next time….meantime, I think one of my favorite samples that came out of the class was this one above of Regina’s. But there are many more….

Modello Mirrors

Julie’s 23K Gold Leaf Chrysanthemums and glass etching….

Modello Mirrors

My Art Deco Palm Trees…

Modello Mirrors

The dreaming girl with heavy patination…..

Modello Mirrors

The woven linen look through the removed silver…..

Modello Mirrors

Michelle’s heavy distressed and coppered pattern. Here, you are actually looking at the BACK of the mirror, which gets these crazy colors happening and can then be sealed and used as an art piece….

Modello Mirrors

her WAY cool copper and silver number…

Modello Mirrors

An allover pattern with paint, leaf and stain….

Modello Mirrors

and my gilded delicate lattice over light patination. I’m STILL inspired and have some stinky samples “cooking” as I write.  Gotta go!!!

Psssst! Next Elegant Reflections class is February 9-10, 2009.