August 25th, 2008

Luscious Lime

You know how when you first move into a new place that needs work you go great guns with the decorating and getting things done? Well I did that last winter when we first took over in our new building, getting some office spaces and common areas designed and artfully painted, and then hit a big fat wall! There are just SO many surfaces and spaces to do-and so many other things that needed attended too, I had to take a break. Fortunately, I have local painting friends that are so sick of coming by and seeing things half done that they’ve taken matters into their own hands-literally. My friend Karen Jorgenson has been orgainizing people to come down and trowel, stencil, glaze-you name it. I’m SO grateful for being forced to make some design decisions and very happy with the outcomes so far.

Sydney Harbour Limewash at Modello

I actually saw this magazing ad AFTER I picked the color scheme for the “meeting room” end of the studio, but it just reinforced for me how absolutely wonderful these colors are together. A couple of trips to Marrakech helped too! Hmmm. Wish I could afford those drapes and chairs….


I picked a super easy finish for these walls of of azure, lavender, hot pink and orange from the Sydney Harbour color deck.


Their Interno Lime Wash is a wonderful lime paint that simply get cross-hatched on in two or three layers over an easy-to-apply primer. We had two people working this large wall expanse, because you DO need to be concerned about keeping a wet edge to avoid “lap lines”.


The lime paint dries much lighter, as you can see here where Julie is adding a second coat of pink. Left unsealed (which they recommend) it will continue to “bloom” and change over time. It’s very soft and gorgeous. On the blue wall, though, I sealed it with a water-soluable Bee’s Wax (troweled on) which gives it some added protection and also made the color deeper and richer.

Sydney Harbour Limewash at Modello

This week, we will be interpreting this arch shape (is this not gorgeous?!) on the lavender wall, using the blue and orange colors to tie it all together. More to come….

6 Responses to “Luscious Lime”

  1. Karen Jorgenson Says:

    thanks for the shout out, Melanie. But you know I’d do almost anything for you. I’d even sit in a bathroom for months and months with no end in sight.

  2. catherine Says:

    I have been nuts for sydney harbor paint and their lime wash for years now. I put it on fast with a foam roller. If the color is pale I do not get lap lines but that beautiful “molted affect”. If I am stenciling over it I do not mind the lap lines. For darker colors I roll on a second coat and it is so gorgeous. You cannot really see the lines at all. Besides lime wash is not supposed to look like a painted wall. The color does bloom and change in the light. There is nothing like it!

  3. catherine Says:

    whoops, did not mean to submit that twice! I also wanted to mention that Cox paint in Santa Monica will mix any sydney harbor color in the lime wash/interno even thought deck says the color does not come in interno. They are brilliant color mixers. Thanks

  4. Melanie Says:

    Ha, Karen. That’s another post. Thanks for the roller information Catherine, that sounds even easier than brushing!

  5. Stencil Helen Says:

    What a lovely picture. Did you take that? The blue and orange combo is scrummy.
    How lovely that you are all going back to Maryams I could really fancy that. I have put the heating on here and dug out the winter sweaters!

  6. cat Says:

    Melanie: thanks for coming by the blog! I am so honored. Did you know that those comments above were by me? You are right I did not use their primer, just watered down joint compound to get an absorbent surface. I figured that is what the primer is about. I decided to use the roller b/c it was faster!