March 8th, 2010

Feeling Crafty?

My upcoming wedding has me traveling around the internet seeking to find inspiration and affordable decorating ideas in short order. Recently, I found this fabulous website for wedding planners AND people just seeking cool, crafty stuff at great prices, Save On Crafts.


They have TONS of stuff, and it’s all photographed rather nicely, which makes surfing their website all the better. For instance, check out this lasercut filligree cake stand wrapper. I LOVE the delicacy of laser cut paper…..


They have all sorts of silk and paper flower heads in different colors, which would be fun to work into a  wall finish somehow….


These cupcake wrappers are so pretty I almost wish I hadn’t chosen a tiered wedding cake.


Love this pair of pretty partridges!


I have no potential place to put this silk fabric lantern, but wish I did! It’s quite cool…and quite inexpensive.


You may have read my earlier post on wedding floral arrangement inspiration? Well, alas, my budget and time constraints don’t allow me to seek out and purchase all the beautiful porcelain vases I would need to complete THAT look, so it’s on to “Plan B”. I’ve decided to use these inexpensive urns and follow THIS idea with the trailing ivy and focal point flowers. They will be places on patterned and patinated mirror rounds that I hope to complete this coming weekend with the help of some friends, wink, wink…..

March 3rd, 2010

She Sells Seashells

In the sixties and seventies, my grandparents traveled extensively around the country in their VW pop-top camper. Up and down the East coast and around Florida they collected seashells which my grandmother used to create shell pictures, wreaths and more. She always seemed to have some craft project up her sleeve for my sister and I to work on when we visited. One day, it was to work on a tissue paper collage of shore birds (my grandfather cut these out of metal) running through the sea water. Our fun project for that day was to glue on the shells. It’s a beautiful, original work of art and a sweet reminder of my grandparents that still hangs in their house where my father now lives.  I’ve been thinking about it all day since running across this website, Christa’s South Seashells.


I am totally in awe and admiration of this architectural shell work!


Sure, it would be hard to clean, but who wouldn’t want a grotto-like bathroom?


or this whimsical mantle? Not your style? There is also a wide range of chandeliers, accessories, frames, and even furniture. I think my grandmother would think these pieces are a little “overdone”, but I love them!