Alabama Chanin creates an amazing array of beautiful products through a focus on slow design and sustainability.


As outlined on their website, ” Our philosophy centers on the celebration and preservation of uniquely American traditions while building a sustainable business mode. We strive to source materials locally when possible and to reuse, or ‘upcycle’ at every turn. We do not live as though there is no tomorrow; rather, we live as though we know there will be. ” Not only do I find this idea uplifting, I find their products and photography to be incredibly artisticly inspiring. Particularly, and not surprisingly, their use of stencils in the process of creating gorgeous fabrics, clothing and home accessories.alabama-chanin-pillows-3



I love this particularly soft and cozy take on classic Moroccan geometric tile patterns in a soft color palette.


Their finished products are a bit pricy, but they also offer Alabama Studio Style Workshops on how to produce their look with hand sewing techniques (how fun!!) and through the Alabama Stitch Book ,which I picked up last year at ABC Carpet and Home. I have to say I think that their style has become much more developed and refined since the book’s publishing and I’m looking forward to keeping up with what they introduce in the future!!

4 Responses to “Stenciling a la Alabama Chanin”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    Beautiful use of sustainable textiles! Oh the places we can go!

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