January 17th, 2012

Pinning: Golden Touch

A random Pinterest search yesterday brought me to the most stunning, moody, sensuous painting of a woman with gold flecked hair.

Source: jeanniejeannie.com via Melanie on Pinterest


Of course I wanted to see more…don’t you! Clicking through to the original source led me to an exceptional design blog Jeannie Jeannie, and article on artist Brad Kunkle, who embellishes his oil painting of women with real gold and silver leaf to not only add a symbolic element, but to also allow light to play across the painting. The effect is amazing…enchanting… mesmerizing. Spend a few minutes, or much more, on his website enjoying the light….

Source: jeanniejeannie.com via Melanie on Pinterest




Source: jeanniejeannie.com via Melanie on Pinterest

2 Responses to “Pinning: Golden Touch”

  1. heather moss Says:

    Would love to see one of these in person,they must be even more mystical in real life….

  2. Linda Leyble Says:

    Hey Melanie…

    Those were beautiful! Very unusual – I love them.

    Reminds me a little of the woman artist who years ago did this spiralling gold leafing on top of Gracie wallpaper for decorator Jeffrey Bilhuber (I think it was in his own apartment). If I find it – I’l put it on Pinterest.

    Though – it’s not as fantastic as these!