January 2nd, 2012

2012: A Blank Canvas

Welcome to a brand New Year! It is now time for the annual rite of making new promises to ourselves, setting new goals, attempting to discard bad habits. A fresh year bring a fresh slate; a blank canvas. Of course you don’t need the occasion of needing a new calendar to start afresh. Your future is yet unwritten and so each day or even each moment brings opportunity and possibilities, BUT there is something very powerful about closing the books on the past year and focusing RIGHT NOW on how to improve on the next one.

If I was to focus on just one, simple way to feed my psyche, nurture my soul, and tend to my spirit (all of which helps me, of course, to be better to myself and others) I would have to say that I simply need to paint more. As my decorative painting businesses (Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs) have grown the creative art that inspired them has increasingly given way to Biz running business. There’s no time to get a brush in my hand because it always seems to be filled with a phone or a computer mouse. I have a fabulous painting studio that stares sadly at me every day while I rush past it in to my computer. This. Will. Not. Do. I have decided to  give myself the gift of regular “painting retreats”-in my own studio. It’s time to get back in touch with me…and this is where it starts. Lots of blank canvases. Thrift Store furniture pieces exactly, that are being transformed for the new year with some creative stenciling and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Here’s to a 2012 that is creative…

…filled with bold strokes…

…and many bright, creative ideas!

What gift are you giving yourself for the new year? Please-be generous!

4 Responses to “2012: A Blank Canvas”

  1. Debra L Says:

    I love that with the black base! Did you pick an Annie Sloan winner yet? I’m dying to try this stuff!

  2. JJ Crouch Says:

    How I agree! I have so many ideals and seems like so little time in which I work on them. But I plan on staying off the computer and in the studio more. How I really need to work on some of the pieces that we find and see the potential for art. You help inspire us to fill our blank canvases. Thank you and Happy 2012.

  3. sylvie bilger Says:

    what about a webinar chalk paint LOL? I am in New York City and I dont see a single class near by… I am dying by now to try the product….what should I do?

  4. NameLeanne Swetlik Says:

    Cannot wait to see your new creations Melanie, you inspire many with your beautiful designs already! Too much time on the computer can really eat up creative time and energy. Can’t wait to try out the Annie Sloan chalk paint and some of my new RD stencils! I think I need to get off of the computer now and off to my work room!!! OK, maybe I will take time out to check out goodwill for some pieces in need of some TLC!