June 16th, 2010

Cover Girl

I am very happy to report that the long-awaited followup book to Modello by Design-Inspiring Interiors, from Artist’ Portfolios Vol. 1 is at the printers and will be available for shipping in a few weeks time. This latest version, Vol. 2, features some amazing work by 68 professional decorative artisans from around the country. Three different artisans were chosen as “featured artists” based on the depth and range of their work, as well as the beautiful photography that they submitted. First and foremost in the book is Gracie Reed of Grace Designs in Dallas. Her work is featured on the book’s cover.


Gracie brings a special quality to her decorative work. Her amazing attention to detail is evident in the way that she blends patterns, colors, textures and finishes. Also outstanding is the way that she carefully styles each room. The barrel ceiling shown above features our popular Chambord carpet and panel pattern.


Here, a patinated and patterned mirror, using Flourish969,  rests atop an elegantly stenciled furniture piece.


Embedded pattern on Venetian plaster walls, FlorentineGrille705,  is beautifully accented with more patinated and patterned mirror. Here,  OrnTile137  is repeated in custom shutters.

Modello-stencil 5

One of our tribal panel patterns, IndPan105 , was cut small to create a custom art piece that seems perfectly balanced with an entry table.


Our Prajna concrete carpet pattern anchors this rich Victorian-style parlor with a complimentary punch of color.

You can see much more of Gracie’s work, and many more inspirational interior shots (175 in all!) in this new book. Due to the high cost of printing, we are offering a very limited amount of these books for sale. You can pre-order the book until July 15 at a $3 savings. Additionally, we will deduct the U.S. ground shipping charges upon invoicing for a total savings of $17. Book sales are brisk! Don’t miss the opportunity to reserve your limited-edition copy of Modello by Design-Inspiring Interiors from Artists’ Portfolios, Vol. 2!

6 Responses to “Cover Girl”

  1. Jeannine Dostal Says:

    This is soooo amazing, creative, delicious, inspiring and simply lovely. I can’t wait for my copy

  2. Debbie Says:

    Gorgeous. Makes me want to paint something magnificent right NOW!

  3. stencil helen Says:

    This looks wonderful, I’m excited for you. Will there be some of these lovely pictures in your lecture demo at Portland next month?
    Gracie, that is a stunning combination of pattern and colour on the punchy red floor.

  4. Punctuation Mark Says:

    i love these images… so decadent and rich… have a great weekend!

  5. Gracie Reed Says:

    Thank you, all, for your wonderful feedback on my work and the catalogue. It is, truly, an honor to be appreciated by my fellow artisans. But…as you know,these projects were brought to a new level through the use of exceptional plasters and products, such as Modello!
    Thank you again,Gracie

  6. Stacie Says:

    This work is some of the most amazing and beautiful, hand crafted, hand painted, artistry I’ve ever seen. Not only from the U.S. but around the world as well. I would LOVE to have a piece by this artist in my home. Unbelievably gorgeous!