March 12th, 2007

All in a days work

Welll OK, slightly more than a day. I did the first two skim coats on Saturday, but the remainder of the project was done on a beautful, sunny Sunday. With the radio and suncreen on, I was able to use my trusty color guide to complete this round pad on my back patio, using a Modello design, OrnCen155 in three pieces. I am really enjoying the new, expanded color collection that they have come out with, particularly the Sante Fe Pottery color that wend down first. This photo collection roughly shows the steps.


After a long day spent troweling on one’s hands and knees I highly recommend enjoying a refreshing beverage as you pick out the last pieces of the masking pattern.


Tonight, I’ll be applying a toning layer, using our Modello Dye Stains in Fawn to calm it all down and bring all the colors together. I’ll post the final “beauty shot” later!

2 Responses to “All in a days work”

  1. Marla Hess Says:

    Melanie, Great Stuff. I can’t wait to see the final result. I took your skimstone class a few weeks back, and it is fun to see the process that you are doing and actually understand and have a feel for what you are doing. Keep up the inspiring work!

  2. Ellen Leigh Says:

    Absolutely fabulous, Melanie!!!!!!! I love it!
    Ellen Leigh