January 5th, 2007

One off the list

Like you, I have way more ideas for fabulous decorating/design projects to do around my house than time or energy. Actually the only time I seem to get down to it is when there is a deadline for a photo shoot for a book, magazine or video. Even THAT doesn’t always work. I used my bathroom for one of the projects in the Painted Illusions book. It was the last day of photography and I had time to do just enough stenciling on the wall to fill the frame that the camera caught. Four years later it remains in the same sad state. One half of one wall looks pretty cool. I DID remove the blue tape from around the ceiling line a few months ago though….pathetic!

Why am I sharing this shame? Well, they say that if you put things in writing they are more likely to happen. So, here is my must-do list (yes, there IS a book involved): “Kimono” walls and decorative concrete floor in office, Chinoiserie panels, kick-butt ceiling treatment and another decorative floor in bedroom, something spiffy to finish off the guest room walls and ceiling, two areas for more decorative concrete out on the patio, and, oh yes, that bathroom!! I have gotten one thing done recently-


I finally got to the hardscaping around the house this past year and had them leave several areas plain amongst the stamped “flagstone”. This first one was the smallest and easiest: A Concrete Carpet done with Modellos and SkimStone. There was a deadline for Concrete Expressions magazine, of course, or I’d still be looking at unfinished concrete out my breakfast room window. Do all creative people have these same issues?