April 21st, 2011

Before and After Bathroom

WHOA! Check THIS out….this is an amazing bathroom transformation from the ever fabulous Gracie Reed, of Grace Designs Dallas.I have posted quite a bit of Gracie’s work here, as she is super talented and was also a featured artist and cover girl for our inspiration book, Modello by Design, Volume 2.



For this project, Gracie acted as the general contractor, decorator, and decorative finisher to turn this ugly duckling bathroom into a black swan. Modello masking stencil used: EasCen103. I wouldn’t normally use the word “sexy” to describe a bathroom, but I think it’s totally appropriate in this case, don’t you?

One Response to “Before and After Bathroom”

  1. Gracie Reed Says:

    Thank you, Melanie-I, also used Eas bor 104 to separate the the 2 Italian plasters-The home owner is a single guy, that wanted a masculine, but, sexy bath-He even wanted a hand-held shower by the bench for the “his” lady to shave her legs-The vanity was foiled to bring the golds and silvers together-Thank u so much!