January 16th, 2011

Royal Stencil Cremes

So….What’s this mess? A new stenciling concept gone awry?


Actually, it’s something I’m quite excited about! This, while not so pretty, is the result of  a series of application tests of Royal Stencil Cream!

When I first began stenciling 27 years ago, I routinely used oil-based Japan Paints, as recommended by the 70′s and 80′ stencil revival pioneer Adele Bishop who provided my desire to learn to stencil back in 1984. These paints provide a beautiful effect, but require tedious cleanup with mineral spirits, and I doubt that anyone uses them these days. From there I switched to using primarlily Folk Art Acrylic paints for stenciling. These craft acrylic paints are readily available (Michael’s) and come in a vast array of colors. The acrylic paint binds up on the stencil and brush however, and takes a bit of practice. In order to get softer effects and more “flow” off the stencil brush, I’ve alway recommended adding a few drop of Folk Art Extender to acrylic paints, and we still sell and recommend this product. From there I started using Faux Creme Colors for stenciling, which are quality pigments in resin. These give beautiful shaded effects easily, but require a lot of building up of layers (with drying time in between) to achieve opaque effects.

The stencil paint medium I’ve always dreamed about:

  • Could be applied for a very opaque effect in ONE layer.
  • Could just as easily be used for soft, translucent effects.
  • Could be stenciled just as easily with a stencil brush or foam roller.
  • Would flow off the stencil brush or roller effortlessly and require minimal reloading of paint.
  • Would dry quickly enough that you could layer colors, if desired.
  • Would resist causing stencil “rununders”, making it easy to use for both beginners AND pros.
  • Would not build up and dry out easily on stencils and stencil brushes.
  • Would clean up like a dream off stencil brushes and stencils with soap and water.
  • Would work equally well over a variety of surfaces, including flat to satin paints, metallic paints, and metallic AND stone texture plasters.
  • Come in a range of gorgeous metallic colors and artist’s colors, including a opaque black, white, and off-white.

And guess what? I’ve GOT it, and YOU will be able to get it too because it will be available soon….

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