November 15th, 2009

Inspired by: Elsa Mora

I’ve just spent many magical minutes traveling through the amazing art, mind and world of Elsa Mora.


“Elsita” is a Cuban-born artist, mother, and “hollywood wife” who is amazingly talented in a seemingly endless array of mediums. She has multiple blogs on her general art and her intricate papercutting projects, as well as a store.  Just a few delightful things by Elsita….

elsita 1

elsita 1b


elsita 6


elsita 5

…blossom buddies…

elsita 3

…doll houses…

elsita 4

…beautiful dresses…

elsita 7


elsita 2

…and illustrations. Absolutely NOT to be missed is her blog on personal style, which she seems to have in spades, as well as a generous heart and a nurturing spirit.

2 Responses to “Inspired by: Elsa Mora”

  1. dabney Says:

    She is so cool, and the stuff she makes is amazing, it’s infused with such a wonderful sense of childlike whimsy. I bet her husband goes home every night after a day of dealing with sleazy agents and Hollywood wannabes, and just breaths a sigh of relief that he married this woman who is so not-of-that-world. The flower sculptures, everything, they really seem so original and personal, and not derivative of other people’s art at all. She is totally worth posting about.

  2. Vintagevamp Says:

    I am so grateful that you posted about (and introduced me to) Elsa Mora. Her art is breathtaking, and I love her personal style blog too. What a true artist, through and through, and a seemingly beautiful soul. Thank you!