September 22nd, 2009

Modello, Me, and Miami

Well, everything arrived in one piece for the Modello Designs booth at the  HD Boutique Show (other than all the things that still needed to be assembled on site. that is), and after two days of sweating in an un-air conditioned convention center (they never have the air on when they have the loading dock doors open) we had-A TENT!


We (me and Barb) stuck vinyl stars on the outside, mirrored stars on the inside, finished off the large mirror’s decoration, hung still sticky canvases, hot-glued 40′ of beaded trim, laid tiles, hung doodads, made multiple shopping runs for last minute details like additional lights and flickering battery-operated candles, and phew! we had it done.


True to form, in the shower on the morning of the first day of the show I was already plotting how completely differently I was going to design NEXT year’s booth, but in the meantime there was THIS year to attend to.


“So, you do textiles?” “floor tiles?” “cabanas?” “custom mirrors?” “table bases?” Yes, yes, we do ALL of that, OR “we provide custom patterns for decorative surface finishes”. We witnessed both light bulbs going on and blank looks. It’s never easy to explain how you do “everything”, is it?? But, we did, hundreds of times…..


Like, “no, we don’t do punched tin lighting fixtures, but we CAN lasercut acrylic mirror into any shape….


…or do really cool custom canvases for wall hangings, cabana/tent “walls”, or faux granite/marble inlaid tabletops…


….as well as patterned patinated custom mirrors that are self-framed with a gilded decorative border….


….or tell a story about love.”


After all that ‘splain it felt really good to drink Caribbean-inspired cocktails and relax poolside at the elegant Mondrian hotel on the intercoastal in Miami Beach.


We didn’t provide the patterns that they used for the amazing sandblasted pattern in the decorative concrete decking…..but we could! Remember, we do EVERYTHING….

Bottom line: Miami is a pretty cool place to visit, with a frenetic energy that could come from the exotic, sensous, highly latin-influenced culture-or the drug trade. The scenery is beautiful, the food is tasty, and the water is warm. The HD Boutique Show was officially a success for us, with lots of great contacts, feedback, and potential future projects…pitching a tent there was well worth the effort…..and I’ll be back!

15 Responses to “Modello, Me, and Miami”

  1. Karen Sabrsula Says:

    Wow, what inspiration for a whole new world of surfaces out there! Wonderful job!

  2. Julie Dexter Says:

    Great job, Melanie! You are an inspiration! The decorative world is so lucky to have you !

  3. Melanie Says:


  4. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Melanie,You did such a beautiful job on everything!! What a blessing to be soooo creative.

  5. Cynthia Andrews Says:

    Yes…you do everything wonderfully!!!!! It is georgous!!!!!!!!

  6. Neelam Says:

    Your booth looks georgous!

  7. kim longo Says:

    Good GOD. I know you must never sleep thinking of all the possibilities. SO lovely. Vibrant and such a clear sense of place and time. Wow. Love it

  8. Bruni Figueroa Says:

    Impactful, impressive and unforgettable. Congratulations!

  9. Thersa B Giffin Says:

    Melanie, You are amazing! I think you have an amazing friend in Barb also.

    The tent, mirrors, floor every detail is a visual feast. I would love to touch every surface.

    Fabulous booth!

  10. Rhonda Canales Says:

    Wow Melanie,
    I just love this entire presentation. I think you knocked it out of the park again! Thank you for always taking every concept and re-inventing it. Always fresh, always inspiring!

  11. Karen Jorgenson Says:

    You’re killing me about next year…that’s so you. I’m totally up for it, but can we start in July instead of August? Just give us a head start. Don’t get me wrong, I love working in a complete panic, but my husband says I drank all the wine.

  12. Lauri Says:

    The energy you exude defies me (and makes me want to sleep for a week!). What a beautiful exhibit you (and all involved) created. You do make us all proud! (You do need to slow down a bit now…take a day off at’ve done good!)

  13. FRieda Says:

    are those 2 mirrors for sale? if they are, I am interested to buy. Could you email me at .


  14. heather moss Says:

    As usual you leave me wishing I could be your clean up crew at your booth ,hoping to gain some of your creativity,energy,and insight by osmosis!
    This is an amazing booths, what a treat for those fortunate enough to witness the colors,textures,and ambiance first hand.
    (Where would you recommend finding info on the sandblasting techniques~ esp. of your patterns?)
    Thank you for treating us again,

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