August 26th, 2009

Royal Thrones

Proof positive that any surface and be enhanced with design and decoration…


We recently had a drawing to encourage our customers to post photos of their projects using Royal Design Studio stencils or Modello Decorative Masking Patterns on our Facebook Fan Page. If there were a prize given for “most unusual surface”, these would have surely won. Kathy Wear is an incredibly creative and talented decorative artist from Tennessee, who has created a unique niche market for herself by offering custom decoration of new, high-end bath, um…fixtures. After applying Primetch through a Modello masking pattern, she then gilds and seals a custom design onto the porcelain surface to create a throne fit for a king, queen-or princess.

UPDATE: A lot of people asked about the process so I posted some basic steps in the Comments section…..

8 Responses to “Royal Thrones”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    These are beautiful Kathy. What do you seal them with?

  2. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    “Best seat in the house!!!” Very clever…curious about the sealer as well, durability for cleaning, etc.

  3. Lori Heald Says:

    I am new at this and would luv to know what u seal with and also could I use a regular stencil I am unfamiliar yet with the Modello process? I live in CA in the desert, so I could have an excellent market for this type of thing. These are absolutely gorgeous. Any help or direction would be so appreciated. Thank u in advance for your time. Regards, Lori

  4. Lesley Anne Kinney Says:

    While these are utterly beautiful, they are toilets and as such need to be able to stand up to thorough cleaning. Is Kathy able to guarantee these for her clients? I have clients who would love this, have even asked me to do it but I worry about the durability.
    Lesley Anne

  5. MariaJacovo Says:

    Kathy these are fantastic! I have several clients that would love this and have asked me to do something with their ugly toilets. Could you offer a step by step instructional? Also do you have information on the finishing topcoat you used in order to insure durability and the ability to clean?

  6. Melanie Says:

    Hey girls! I checked with Kathy. This is her process. Apply Modellos and brush or roll on a coat of Primetch (this is what gets it to stick). Allow to dry overnight. Apply size and metal leaf. I suggest allowing this to dry overnight as well…then apply a coat of Mona Lisa water-based gold leaf sealer. Allow to dry and apply 2 coats of C-500 gloss topcoat from Faux Effects. Allow to dry overnight and remove Modello pattern. The Mona Lisa product is specially formulated to seal the leaf without tarnishing and is a barrier coat between the leaf and the C-500.

    Care instructions are to clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth. No scrubbing-but looking at where the patterns are applied you can see that it is not in places that would normally be scrubbed anyway.

  7. Rencontre Says:

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  8. Neelam Says:

    Very creative!