Robbie Calvo

I had the great pleasure of meeting and lunching with one of our favorite customers (and a Featured Artist in Modello by Design) on Friday: Robbie Calvo.

robbie calvo modello

Robbie was on the West coast for meetings in LA regarding his new design show “pitch” to the decorating networks. We got to see the 5 minute piece that showcases his concept and creative abilities. I truly don’t have time to watch many of these shows (and frankly they all tend to look the same) but Robbie’s is definitely a “cut above” in taste, style, and approach to most of the shows out there. An accomplished musician, he incorporates his composing abilities into his room design, focusing first on the rythm (the foundation walls, floors, etc), then the harmony (main pieces like furnture) and finally the melody (accessories and assorted fluff). During the process, he also composes a short piece of music to compliment the room design. It is REALLY good!

robbie calvo modello

Shown above is the room that was used for the decoration in “the pitch” and, let me tell you, it looks even better on film.

robbie calvo modello

Robbie has been so generous to create a wonderful page on his website talking about his association with Modello Designs and we are happy to sponsor his success AND his upcoming show. He’s a truly talented and humble person who deserves all the success that will be coming his way. I can’t wait to watch more!

3 Responses to “Robbie Calvo: The Next Big Thing”

  1. Susan Bickford Says:

    Robbie is a very talented guy, down-to-earth and “real” – and I feel fortunate to count him among my friends. Robbie – congrats on this well-deserved recognition!

  2. maryam in marrakech Says:

    and I like his sense of personal style!

    PS Man, I so wish I could watch those shows here in Marrakech!

    PPS Melanie, YOU should totally be making a 5 minute pitch too!

  3. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Ah….the creative spirits you meet along ‘the way’….make everyday an inspiration and adventure. Robbie’s website; details of work, and life-story are an enchanting, beautiful twist on ‘following your bliss’. Rock the house Robbie – we’ll be cheering for you!

    Gratitude (as always) to Melanie for sharing another scoop of ‘delicious food for thought’