March 24th, 2008

Blue Doors Down

While it is mandatory in Marrakech to have your building be one of a few slightly varying shades of a peachy terra cotta color, it must be mandatory in the pretty little seaside town of Essaouira (2.5 hrs drive west to the Atlantic Ocean) to paint your ancient wooden door a fabulous shade of peeling blue paint. Me to my son: Look! There’s another great blue door, I have to get a picture. Him to me: (in the dry way only a child can say) Mom, they’re ALL blue! I guess I’ll have to go back to photograph the other 1,429.


Even the boats….


Maryam just recently posted about doors as well. Even better than what you see is what you can’t see behind them. Ahh, the mysteries of Morocco.

7 Responses to “Blue Doors Down”

  1. maryam in marrakesh Says:

    oh yay! I love Essaouira’s doors…! Your description of Dan so made me laugh….But he is the *the most* darling and smart boy. You lucky, lucky Mom! (Ahem, he is pretty damn lucky too:))

  2. carol Says:

    Love all the pics from your trip, especially the “door series”! Your head must just be swimming with new ideas and possibilities. I certainly can see how this trip must have inspired you. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Bethany Says:

    Oh all are sooo drooly pretty…but my fav is the one on the top right…love it!! I have my own door painted that same shade with distressing and all….my bit of far, far away in the suburbs! :)

  4. Melanie Says:

    I think that’s my favorite one too, Bethany! Truly, the city is blue door heaven. There is a poster out where the theme is the blue doors of Morocco and I bet I know where most of the photos came from…

    Maryam-from your lips to Dan’s ears.

    Carol-yes, my head is swimming. I’ve actually been on a bit of a buzz all around since returning home. Might have to experiment with this “vacation thing” more often!

  5. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Great pictures Melanie. I hope to see more. About the blue doors. They believe that the blue doors keep away the evil spirits from entering. The story goes that they will be distracted by the blue and move on.

  6. Melanie Says:

    Fun to know! Your right, Jan, they are very superstitious and do lots of things to ward off evil and try to bring good luck. I brought home a “Hand of Fatima” necklace, of course!

  7. cmei Says:

    blue doors make me sigh. Wish I can paint my front door the blue on the top left ( but that would defy my apartment’s colour codes). I have a photo of another blue door in India… here