January 28th, 2008

Mughal Decoration

The Mughal style of decoration was the conscious creation of a line of Indian rulers who encouraged and financed excellence in the art of architects, calligraphers, painters, weavers, metalworkers and other skilled artisans beginning in the mid-1500s and lasting 250 years. They created remarkable visual unity in their surroundings, surpassing the limitations of scale and materials by repeating the same decorative themes across their architecture, fine arts and applied arts: Geometry, arabesque, calligraphy, flowers, animals and birds. These images are from the pages of the book, The Majesty of Mughal Decoration. The beauty of these surfaces that were created by human hands leaves me speechless.











6 Responses to “Mughal Decoration”

  1. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Absolutely stunning in beauty and craftmanship!

  2. Rhonda Canales Says:

    I remember studying the Mughal Empire in high school history class. If I had only known of this cultural layer of their dynasty I may have paid closer attention. And to think that my only memory of their “claim to fame” was the Taj Mahal… although it is a wonder of architecture. These are beautiful.

  3. Helen morris Says:

    What a wonderful month of blog entries Melanie, so many super projects. Thank you for the lovely message on my blog. I agree that the Mughal style is breath taking. I really hope that in the coming generations this kind of skill will not be lost.

  4. Susan Allemand Says:

    I must recreate!

    Gorgeous Melanie!


  5. Melanie Says:

    Well Helen, at least we can do our part to keep the art of stenciling alive and well!

  6. jody Says:

    So gorgeous.

    My brother makes violins and other string instruments, and he carves and inlays the most amazing designs on them with mother of pearl.

    It takes a special talent that is for sure.