January 7th, 2008

Walkin the Planks

If you can pardon the dust and disregard the blue tape and plastic I would like to share with you some pics of some of our wood floor projects in the new building. We have two sets of stairs on each side going up to the Mezzanine space that houses the studio and creative offices and I had them both finished off with Maple hardwood flooring. One set will be in the gold, red and black colorway and the other in shades of brown.


A lovely classic Egyptian pattern in progress.


All finished on the left and a Peruvian “rug” on the right.


This is the same design I did in my home but done as another “rug” to fit the small landing. Next up: 48 stair risers each with a different border pattern. Yes, I HAVE created a monster. I’ll tell you what though, all this hard work and running up and down stairs is doing wonders for this ageing bod. There are definitely lots of benefits to be had in hard, physical labor!

3 Responses to “Walkin the Planks”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    Oh Melanie… these are gorgeous! I love the design and colors in the one at the landing. It is so rich looking. I especially love the design in the Peruvian Rug. It looks like the wood is actually woven, if that makes any sense!! Girl, you are going to have buns of steel by the end of all of this. Everything looks wonderful and so very inspirational. Thank you again for sharing!

  2. anna sadler Says:

    Hi Melanie,

    I expected nothing less than perfection in your projects! The “carpets” are beautiful!

    I like the idea of the stairs; next time I come in for a class, I’ll be able to get my “bleachers” workout done at break time! :-)

    Can’t wait to see it all in person, you are a constant inspiration!

    Take care,


  3. Kelly Says:

    I just love the faux marquetry and think it would sell big time in Flordia now that they’ve discovered hard wood floors. BUT, here in humidity land, folks prefer the pre-finished floors. Any suggestion on how to get the stain to adhere to a prefinished floor?

    Thanks again for sharing,