November 7th, 2007

Silk Damask

Our little Florentine Silk Damask room turned out divinely. Interestingly and fortuitously enough, they seem to like to put showers right in the thick of things in their bathrooms in Italy-so you have a toilette, a sink and there in the corner a shower head coming right out of the wall with a drain on the floor. This works GREAT for cleaning big stencils as there is not need to try and squish them into a pesky little sink.


Here’s Debbie and Lori doing one of many repeats of damask around the room, along with a final photo.


And here’s Gary in one of his favorite spots-sandwiched between a bevy of beautiful babes, namely: Becky, Kari, moi, Alison and Jeanine. You lucky, lucky man. 

5 Responses to “Silk Damask”

  1. Susan Allemand Says:


    Todd and I had such a wonderful time in Italy. All of our laughs and many glasses of wine shared by all, are greatly missed! We thank you and Gary for putting together such an unbelievable experience that Todd and I will cherish forever.

    Congratulations on your engagement to Eric, he is a wonderful man!

    Love ya girl,

    Susan & Todd

  2. Melanie Says:

    So we were successful in turning Todd into a wino? Fabulous.

  3. Alison Says:

    We are enjoying everyday the beautiful walls and floor of the studio! Thanks once again to you all for coming and sharing and making our environment so beautiful!
    For those reading who do not know, our studio space has an interesting history. It used to be a theatre in the 1800s. The local community here appreciates your efforts to make this space come to life once more!

  4. Melanie Says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your new spaces! I hope to see the again soon.

  5. Melanie Says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your new spaces! I hope to see the again soon.