September 11th, 2007

Grand Damasks

I have been getting unbelievably gorgeous photos from customers lately, showing our stencil and Modello patterns in action. It’s so inspiring for me, and I think you will find them so as well. Here are some from Lauren Gaines. Lauren was a part of the Art of Living project and I can tell you this woman is an incredibly talented and HARD worker. We practically had to pry the trowel out of her hand at the end of the day. She does a lot of work in builder showcase houses in her area and consistently wins awards. No wonder!

Royal Design Grand Damask

This is the Grand Damask done with metallics on a distressed plaster finish.

Royal Design Fabric Damask

Isn’t this the prettiest color combination? It looks so French. The Fabric Damask is done with a “breakaway” look, achieved by perfectly imperfect troweling.

Royal Design Fabric Damask Stencil Detail

Here is a detail. The background has a really subtle horizontal stria. I love this Lauren!

3 Responses to “Grand Damasks”

  1. Rhonda Canales Says:

    Wow, Lauren is amazing! You must get such satisfaction out of seeing other people’s interpretation of how to apply your modellos/stencils. Thank you, Melanie, for creating a product that allows us to go beyond the walls of the box!!! Lauren, keep up the great work,, it is truly inspiring.

  2. Mélanie Says:

    It is wonderful . I wish I could take in class in France . Is it painting ?? I didn’t get well what is modello , even if I went to their site …I’m french

  3. Melanie Says:

    Melanie-I have two companies, one that produces stencils patterns and one that produces masking patterns (Modellos). Both are tools for apply design to surfaces. The stencils are cut from reusable plastic and Modellos from vinyl. You may have seen a lot of french companies producing vinyl designs to apply to walls? Modellos work the opposite way. You apply the vinyl, paint or trowel a plaster through it and remove it. In the US many people hire professional decorative painters to come in and apply custom finishes to their walls!