July 15th, 2007


Have you noticed that wallpaper has come back in a HUGE way?! It’s not your mother’s Waverly wallpaper (with coordinating mini-prints and borders) though-the new look in wallpaper is, Ta Da, handpainted or looking as though it is. Well now, some of us have been doing this kind of cool stuff RIGHT on walls for many years now, but for some reason the design trade thinks it’s much cooler when it comes on a roll of paper with a high price tag. The good news for us decorative artists is that we can all apply our art to paper and charge 10x more for it. OK, I’m being a little facetious because I’m a little hungry and cranky right now and, seriously, there is some VERY cool and innovative stuff being produced, as featured in a book I recently purchased, called The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper.


These are my personal favorites from the book. These Modern Damask papers from Linda Florence substitute the silvery foil of Lottery scratchcards where the metallic threads would be on traditional damask fabrics. Homeowners can actually scratch off the foil to reveal pattern underneath when and where they feel like it. Messy, but very cool!


These patterns by Danish designer Lene Toni Kjeld focus on the way wallpaper has the potential to define and divide a space. The patterns in the papers “morph” from lace to leaves to roses and the places in which the pattern “morphs” occur in the room can be determined by the designer. Brilliant AND beautiful!

3 Responses to “Wallpaper?!”

  1. Project Ecoart Says:

    Love it…can’t wait to use the sample modellos I received from your company. As soon as I do I will forward pics.

    Been really busy on our website revolutionmalibu.com ( we’re building the entire site with hand collaged pages using magazines designated for the trash bin ). First chance I got I wanted to see what you were up to ( creatively ) on your site. Always an inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Oh, that sounds really cool! Please let me know when it’s up!!

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