April 2nd, 2007

In a Colorful Mood

So, I have started attempting to plan what types of design themes, color, patterns, etc. I will be decorating our new building with. Got my little design notebook going. It’s so cool to have all this design at my fingertips and have the ability to do anything I want! It’s such a burden to be able to to anything I want!! How do you narrow down a choice from “everything” to “something”?


Answer: Find a theme and tease it out. For my office I’ve decided that my theme will be decidedly color decadent and follow the Aesthetic Design Movement battlecry “Art for art’s sake”. The photo at left shows some Tracy Porter ceramics I just bought on sale at Horchow. Love those colors and I think those little bowls will be perfect for holding paper clips and such! The right photo is from Bradbury and Bradbury. Somehow the Victorian love of combining dramatic colors with layered pattern is looking really fresh to me.


I am designing from the floor up. I have decided to have an unfinished wood floor installed and want to use a combination of new, custom designed Modello masking patterns and stencils to create lush surface of dark chocolate, teal, pink, green and gold. I love the look and feel of these 17th Century designs shown above and below.


Looking at some of the latest furniture from Anthropologie (below) I see that, yet again, those guys are following my lead. LOL. Personally, I think the 17th Century designs have a lot more legs, but I like the idea of being in good company all around.


2 Responses to “In a Colorful Mood”

  1. Maryam in Marrakesh Says:

    Your studio is going to be so amazing. Can’t wait to see!

    PS love those little bowls!

  2. Lomeda Says:

    I used that same Anthropologie catalog as inspiration for a wonderful patio project I’m starting. I loved all that Moroccan tile and will be ordering Modellos to execute those tiles. Thanks for making all this so easy for us. Pictures to follow. lol.
    Actually, I have pictures of the latest Skimstone floor, but pictures just don’t do it justice :-) .
    Have a great time in Italy!