March 20th, 2007

Progress, So to Speak

I haven’t talked about the NEW BUILDING we are buying for awhile because, well, things have been moving at a frustratingly slow pace. Here is a photo of me meeting with a contractor just after they had tilted up the walls around Christmastime.


Here it is three months later and they still haven’t completed the shell so I can close and the “fun” stuff can begin.


Things have gone pretty much as expected for these things. The original architect suddenly up and moved to Seattle to be with his girlfriend (imagine sound of balls dropping) and the local head of the development co. that is building the business park has been shown the exit door (more balls dropping). He was the guy who kept insisting that my building was on the “fast track”, which obvoiusly has never been the case. After getting all the paperwork in order for the bank to close last week, the new powers that be are saying they won’t be done with the shell for another month.

OK, I’m done whining. The good thing about all this is it gives me more time to change my mind repeatedly about the wonderful ways I am going to paint and decorate the 12 or so different rooms/spaces that will be waiting as pristing blank canvases. A recent night spent tossing and turning with wheels spinning has resulted in some fabulous ideas I can’t wait to share!

3 Responses to “Progress, So to Speak”

  1. Lomeda Says:

    Welcome to our world. I can’t tell you how common this scanerio is. I just finished a project I started working on 18 months ago.
    P.S. I’m working on a skimstone floor and taking pictures. They are covering up marble which wasn’t all that ugly,but hey, it’s their floor. Anyway, I promise to send pictures this time…’ve heard that before!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Lomeda-Yeah, like I said, “pretty much expected”, but I’m getting antsy! I will believe in those photos when I see them. Maybe you can include shots of all those other projects over the last 3 years. LOL!

  3. Suliane Says:

    Olá,amei as imagens!!!Você poderia passar por email alguns desenhos?Agradeço sua atenção.Sou do Brasil (São Paulo).