December 3rd, 2006

Designing Designamour

An “amour” is a love affair, which I find highly appropriate for my relationship with design as I am basically obsessed with looking at it, thinking about it and somehow attempting to create it most of my waking hours.

So, for my personal blog I wanted to design something that looked, well, personal! My most recent creative muse has been kimono art and I have been really inspired by the Japanese design aesthetic in many different ways. I also wanted to design a blog that didn’t look like a typical blog and again WordPress provides that option. Plus, something really cool it that there is a “theme switcher” option with WordPress, so you can actually have multiple themes that reader and viewers can select from and the whole blog changes like that! Adding additional themes for this blog are 146 on my list of things to do, so it won’t be happening any time too soon, but someday…..

While web researching, I came across a really pretty site that I found both unique and inspiring, Jeux de Maux. It’s French, naturally!

Jeux-de-Maux Site.jpg

A few clicks later and there are more beautiful blog sites to see here Dotclear. You have to scroll down the page and on the right hand side there is a Themes drop-down menu. Just select different themes to create a completely different way to view the blog. Very cool! Here is just one view.


Anyway, just wanted to share that. Like all self-doubting artists, I think that this site could definitely use a few more tweaks but finally figured that I just needed to get it going and will get back to it when I am down to 146 on the list.

One Response to “Designing Designamour”

  1. la lene Says:

    Glad that what I do is inspiring. :)