December 8th, 2010

Holiday Specials

 With the holidays fast approaching, I can only guess what is on everyone’s mind. Stencils! Painting projects! OK, probably shopping and tree trimming. But just in case you WERE thinking about stencils and projects, I should let you know about our December specials and gifties.

 At Royal Design Studio we are including  a set of 3 adorable little snowflake stencils (with min. purchase), so you can add a personal touch to your holiday decorating.


Over at Modello Designs, we have a sparkly little Tamise sale, with up to 50% off on selected colors. I suggest that you buy several dozen jars and toss it around like snow!

Modello Designs/Royal Design Studio Gift-Certificates
If you are in a quandry about what to give your Facebook BFFs, or what to tell Santa to leave in YOUR stocking, might I suggest the ever popular and appropriate Gift Certificate, avalable here, and here….because you are going to need SOMEthing to do in January after all those decorations are put away!

Wishing you and yours a most loving and joyous holiday!

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