November 15th, 2007

Marquetry Madness

OK, I’ll admit it. I am totally and irretrievably obsessed with repetitive patterns: How to translate them onto different surfaces, how to apply them with different mediums, how to make them work, and how to make all of this profitable for my customers and, yes, me! I WOULD like to retire someday, preferably to a villa/vineyard in central Italy. SO, I started messing around with this simple and brilliantly efficient Modello Marquetry Masking System for applying pattern to wood and other porous surfaces (see the cork below) and think it’s so slick that I’ve filed a patent on the process.

Modello Marquetry Masking System Samples 2

It’s all still a bit “in the works”, like everything else in my life, but I wanted to share these first samples with you. I was in a rush to find wood and get it cut, so settled on Oak plywood (bleech!). The grain of the wood fights with some of the patterns but you get the idea.

Modello Marquetry Masking System Samples 1

I’ve had a bunch of unfinished maple flooring laid down at the new building (see what I did at my house here), and some large unfinished birch doors, so will have some really nice surfaces to decorate. Now, to pick out which patterns……

5 Responses to “Marquetry Madness”

  1. Susan Allemand Says:

    Another Masterpiece Melanie!

    Do you ever sleep girl?


  2. Helena at ROOMSERVIC Says:

    Hi, I’m amazed about your work and your wonderful blog. I hope it’s ok that I show some pictures and tell my audience in Sweden about you?

  3. Thersa B Giffin Says:

    Wow Melanie,
    The timing of this is so incredible. I just ordered some books on marquetry and pietre dure. It is intriguing to me and now you just put together something to help the process. I look forward to the availability of the designs.

    You are amazing!

  4. Melanie Says:

    Thank you guys. The process is so easy it’s almost sinful. Nothing like some of the amazing work that people to do simulate different types of inlaid wood and marbles but at least it’s something that most anyone can achieve.

    Beautiful blog, Helena! Thank you so much for asking and wanting to share what I do.

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