February 14th, 2008

It Takes Two

It was six years ago this week that my fiance Eric and I had our first date. This came after eight weeks of hooking up (on the dance floor, that is!). You see, we met at a Argenting tango milonga, a social tango dance. The normal tango etiquette is to dance 3 or so songs with the same partner. Our first dance lasted fifteen songs. Need I say more?


The photo above right shows me dancing with another man, Eric’s friend Jann. One of the lovely things about tango, ladies, is that you can be in 10 or more different men’s arms in a single night without compromising your honor or reputation.


I am sorry to say that we don’t dance much anymore. Our work consumes us, and additonally, I have developed arthritis in my large toe joints, undoubtedly compounded by what used to be a 4 night a week dance habit. I pretty much live in MBTs and my feet get really angry at me when I try to shove them into anything with a heel.


We are going to celebrate this Valentines Day, though, by going back to our romantic roots. Happy Valentines Day, Sweetie! 

PS If you want to see some really amazing “real” tango, here are some videos by the Argentine couple I most enjoyed taking classes from, Fernand Ghi and Guillermo Merlo. 

3 Responses to “It Takes Two”

  1. maryam in marrakesh Says:

    How very fun. I so wish I could dance….And I am very impressed by that little leg wrap:)

  2. Susan Allemand Says:

    Melanie, You both are very lucky to have one another… Always the best to the both of you.

    Now if I could just get Todd to sign up for one those classes..!


  3. Melanie Says:

    Update: I put on a lacey black/red dress, he surprised me with a Moroccan restaurant and my feet lasted almost an hour and a half. It was great!

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