May 30th, 2008

Gettin Freaky at Chez Ali



A trip to Marrakech simply would NOT be complete without a visit to that great *Disney in the Desert*, Chez Ali. The timing was perfect as we were 10 of 1000’s that attended (they seat 3K) the night after we finished up the painting at Maryam’s. We were ready to party! Those of us who weren’t completely pooped, that is. 


After arriving and being whisked through the large gates and past many large Berber tents surrounding the open field *stage*, and *a cast of thousands* we arrived at our tables.


Four bottles of wine were ordered immediately-and let the floor show begin! Oh, and if you are sitting on the outside of the table-or simply moved by the rhythmic drumming , you might have to *be* the floor show.


Wave after wave of different tribes from Morocco move past as the dining commences. Todd got WAY to good at imitating that high-pitched trilling sound the woman do with their tongues. Something about having just the right amount of red Moroccan wine after spending 4 days trapped on scaffolding with three women….


I am very sorry that no one was there to video the look on our faces when the big gulp-sized tagine was placed on our table and the top dramatically removed to reveal-a whole lamb! Even the carnivores among us (and half are vegans) nearly jumped from our seats. Good thing there was more wine and dessert to consume!


Then it’s outside for the show. The Fantasia was, well, fantastic. Handsome men on gorgeous horses performing acrobatic feats at breakneck speeds. What’s not to like? Then there was the charging *army*, firing their weapons to get the adrenaline going.


After some belly dancing and a magic carpet ride it was time to go backstage to try and get some autographs. Mr. Camel was having none of us, however. I think that the celebrity has gone to his head.


*Some* among us were not so secretly hoping to get kidnapped by the handsome horseman and ridden off into the desert night. Alas, we all made it safely back to the bus….

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