October 3rd, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

I wrapped up my first ever Elegant Reflections class earlier this week. It may be illegal to have that much fun! Of course, not everyone gets their kicks by stripping the paint off the backs of mirrors and pouring stinky sulphury stuff over the them to create wild patination patterns…..but some of us do……

Modello Mirrors

Like Julie Stonehouse…

Modello Mirrors

and Georgia Morrow….

Modello Mirrors

I’m SO sorry I didn’t get a picture of Regina Garay, who was here, and has posted about the class on her Fauxology blog. Regina! What bad bloggers we are to not even get a photo of us together!!! Next time….meantime, I think one of my favorite samples that came out of the class was this one above of Regina’s. But there are many more….

Modello Mirrors

Julie’s 23K Gold Leaf Chrysanthemums and glass etching….

Modello Mirrors

My Art Deco Palm Trees…

Modello Mirrors

The dreaming girl with heavy patination…..

Modello Mirrors

The woven linen look through the removed silver…..

Modello Mirrors

Michelle’s heavy distressed and coppered pattern. Here, you are actually looking at the BACK of the mirror, which gets these crazy colors happening and can then be sealed and used as an art piece….

Modello Mirrors

her WAY cool copper and silver number…

Modello Mirrors

An allover pattern with paint, leaf and stain….

Modello Mirrors

and my gilded delicate lattice over light patination. I’m STILL inspired and have some stinky samples “cooking” as I write.  Gotta go!!!

Psssst! Next Elegant Reflections class is February 9-10, 2009.

September 18th, 2008

Mirror Image

As I am getting prepared this week for my upcoming Elegant Reflections class in two weeks, I think this is the perfect time to post some work from one of our friends and customers, Anna Sadler of Surface Refinements in Scottsdale, Arizona. Anna came to the last mirror patination class that we held here with Tim Poe, the inventor of Antique Patina Mirror Solutions and patterned mirror finishes have become an important part of their portfolio.

Modello Mirrors

Modello Mirrors

Modello Mirrors

How cool is this custom mirror shape?!?

Modello Mirrors
Modello Mirrors

I’m excited for the opportunity to play around again with this product and try out some new techniques. My head is beginning to hurt from all the ideas and options bouncing around in it! It’s time to set them free……

April 29th, 2008

Glamour Glass

Our new studio has a little “kitchen” area with cabinets and a countertop. I had them install stock cabinets from Lowe’s and a simple black formica countertop. This was more of a budget than design decision (story of my life!) and of course provides the opportunity for yet another painting project. The cabinets will get some sort of eggplanty finish on them with patinated mirrors (cut to size) on the upper doors. For the countertop, I opted to do something simple. It’s all relative! *Simple* turns out to be getting a large piece of glass cut to size. Of course I didn’t take careful enough measurements and the builders didn’t take care to make anything plumb or square in the building so my nice square-cornered glass has a slight *fit* problem. What to do? Distract the eye like crazy!


I had a classic Moroccan zelij tile pattern cut and placed it on the back side of the 2′ x 7′ glass to do some reverse gilding with the new Celestial Leaf (colors: Dawn, Moonbeam and Twilight again). I used our Marquetry Weed technique to reveal different areas one at a time which receive a different color leaf.


When it’s all done and dry it receives multiple coats of black lacquer spray paint….


gets flipped over and viola! we now have a lovely surface that is easy to clean (and check out your hair in). This is a really quick and easy finish and can be applied to any piece of furniture that you can lay a piece of glass on!

February 19th, 2008

Workshop Schedule Posted: Check!

I was thinking the other day that it might be helpful if I got my 2008 workshop schedule figured out before 2009 rolls around. No, actually I have been thinking about it a lot because Dawn keeps asking me because people keep asking HER if I ever plan to teach again! With the move, upcoming trips and ongoing major decorating projects at the new building it’s been a bit hard to focus and plan, but it’s done. I’ve created even more work for myself by adding three new classes this year, but I’m excited to create some new looks to share! Here are a couple of them-

Modello Workshop/Elegant Reflections

Elegant Reflections. I am continually excited about the possibilities of pattern on glass and mirrors and have some really cool projects planned for our building including a reverse-gilded Moroccan tile -themed glass countertop (that’s a mouthful, huh?) and mirrored tile door.

Modello Workshop/Boho Modern

Boho Modern Finishes. This is a term I picked up from this post by Holly at Decor8. My idea of Boho Modern is a little broader and more colorful (we can’t have all those plain white walls, now can we?) but I have some GREAT distressed wall finishes in my head that I will be developing over the coming weeks that I will share later! Also, check out Floor Focus, Modello Master Methods and SkimStone/Modello.

Hoping to see you in the studio….

The Antique Mirror class last week (see Mirror, Mirror) was a lot of fun and a great success. As it is always best to learn from you mistakes-this was another good learning experience and I think we have got the best approach to applying pattern with mirror patination DOWN. Just like everything else in decorative painting there are an infinite number of ways to interpret this artform and I’m looking forward to discovering all of them. What I haven’t quite figured out is a good way to PHOTOGRAPH mirrors, but here are some class pieces-


A round tabletop with a rusted iron architectural inlay,


a reverse gilded border,


some small class samples, and


my favorite! This is actually the “back” of the mirror on the front. The electroplated surface takes on these fabulous tones with the patination so we waxed it for protection and used a stria technique with shellac on the other side. We will be scheduling some more mirror classes once we get in our new building!

May 11th, 2007

Mirror, Mirror!

Mirrored Wall.jpg

I am so excited about a class I just scheduled here in our studio with Tim Poe, the creator of the Antique Mirror Patina Solutions System. I began experimenting with this product and Modellos to create decorative effects that combine mirror patination with gilding, mica powders and metallic paints and there are some amazingly beautiful things that can be achieved. 


It’s not difficult, but there is definitely a process and a learning curve. Tim will be covering all the basics as well as how to approach multi-tile mirror installations, panels and applying mirror to furniture. I know that there will be a lot of interest in this, so check out this link to download a PDF flyer on the class and register soon if you are interested! I can’t wait!!

Ornate Round Table.jpg

If you’d like to read about some more options, here is a link to a recent article I wrote for the Faux Finisher Magazine, Elegant Reflections.