November 11th, 2008

Paint it black

So, the latest issue of Domino features no less than 3 different houses that boast rooms with black painted walls. I am a total fan of black for both dressing and decorating and can be found wearing it, oh, 90% of the time. I love it! It’s classic and timeless (as well as slimming). To do it on four walls, though, I think you really have to know how to pull it off with furniture and accessories that keep it from feeling depressing and Goth-like. One sure way to soften and “pretty” the look of a black wall is to add stenciled pattern. OF COURSE I’m biased, but just look at these lovely wall photos sent by Rachael Goddard of Paint/Design/Decor/Inc.

Stencils Royal Design Studio

The Moorish Trellis in a hallway.

Stencils Royal Design Studio

The Delicate Floral Damask. How cool is that lampshade??

Stencils Royal Design Studio

Yes, I know. This one isn’t black, but the Fortuny stencil sure looks pretty here ;)  Thanks for sharing Rachael!

October 27th, 2008

The Color Purple

Have you noticed? Shades of lavender popping up everywhere, from soft sweaters at Banana Republic (ask me how I know this!) to these recent pages of Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Love it with the Moroccan door!


This photo below is my favorite. LOVE the wallpaper and touches of black.

How cool is this curved wall?  A similar effect can easily be created with tape and metallic paint. Imagine the possibilities for all different types of geometric patterns?!

I’ve had this page tacked onto one of my studio walls for months now.

Purple Modello

It inspired my purple lime paint studio wall that now is adorned with Moroccan arches filled with bright pattern! Here, I used EasAll123.

Modello Studio Wall