December 27th, 2011

Simple. Stylish. Stencils.

I hope your Christmas was fabulous, enjoyable, and joyful! Ours was filled with family-as it should be. On Christmas day we traveled north from San Diego (about 2 hours) to spend the day with my husband’s family at my sister-in-law Anne’s new house in Claremont, CA.

I always love seeing a “new” place she is in because she is one of those people blessed with an amazing decorating gene. Even more impressive, she excels at decorating “on the cheap” with restyled thrift store bargains.

When she was visiting us last Spring, we loaded her arms up with a bunch of random stencils from our studio-and she couldn’t wait to show me what she’d done with them. Fortunately, I had my handy iPhone with me, so I can share them with you!

wall stenciling paisley

Here’s an adorable little nook area off the kitchen. The wall on the right is filled with mirrors to reflect the sunlight that comes in the windows on the opposite wall.

paisley stencil on wall

The built-in bookcase is surrounded by a randomly stenciled pattern using our Indian Paisley stencil.

detail of paisley wall stencil

The gray paint color on the pale blue looks soft and soothing and ties in nicely with the antiqued, punched silver mirror frame.

modern wall stencil on closet doors

In the bedroom, Anne used our Large Hollywood Squares wall stencil to accent the closet-again with a blue and gray color scheme. I like the juxtaposition of the geometric pattern softened by the oriental paisley on the comforter.

furniture stencil bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet had been layered with years of coats of white paint, applied with a heavy hand that produced a lot of brush stroke texture.

cabinet with furniture stencils

This proved the perfect background for a distressed patterned finish of grayed denim blue colors. Anne layered spray paint, latex paint washes, and wood stains with some sanding and distressing to get this fabulous look.

flower stencil on furniture

This little floral stencil is actually a freebie stencil that we have been including with stencil orders for some time now. I love how she used it to create a random flower field on the lighter blue here and then just as accents behind the knobs on the darker blue drawers. Hey! Whose that person in the door knob??

damask wall stencil

On to the guest bedroom for another “out-of-the box” stencil application that works beautifully! Here Anne used our classic Fabric Damask stencil in just two rows above the chair rail. I love how the pattern alternates from horizontal to vertical to give a soft lacy edge to the molding. It’s just enough!

modern wall stencils

Down below is one of our Moroccan  stencils, the Minaret Border. I would never have thought to pair this with the Fabric Damask stencil, but again, the combo of geometric and soft floral is a perfect compliment! I hope you enjoyed this inspiring little stenciled house tour along with me!

9 Responses to “Simple. Stylish. Stencils.”

  1. Tamra /The Gilded Barn Says:

    Melanie loading up my arms with stencils to play around with in my barn, I mean home?! The stuff dreams are made of!! lol

    Lucky girl that Anne, with her talent and your products it looks like a match made in heaven! Beautiful work.

  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Mel! I love the use of color and pattern that she did on the walls and furniture!!!!!

  3. JJ Crouch Says:

    What beautiful results!! And I love the candle stand in the first pic. What a great transformation.

  4. sylvie bilger Says:

    I love everything …a very talented sis-in-law… especially the distressed finish on the bathroom cabinet !?
    Great to see you on the door knob Melanie…so cute :) Happy New year !!!!!!!

  5. Susan Mathers Says:

    Such a pleasure eto see your creations making her creations more beautiful…Have a wonderful 2012!

  6. Beth Warnecke Says:

    What wonderful finishes and ideas! A very welcoming home – thank you for sharing :)
    Is it just a coincidence that the bathroom shower curtain looks like it could have been stenciled using one of your stencils also??

  7. Melanie Says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments. Beth, I thought that too!

  8. heather moss Says:

    Lovely work, thanks for sharing the inspiration with us all !
    I love all her use of color – what a cherful, artsy place to come home to.

  9. JJ Crouch Says:

    I just saw the contest for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint give away. I ordered the books using the New Years special. I would love to win the Small Peacock fancy. But I am no longer able to leave a comment on the Chalk paint page. But I will proably be ordering Provonce & Paris Grey before the special is over. Thank you and Happy News Years