December 8th, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So, by now, you’ve heard about world famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint right?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint painted furniture

The amazingly easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, paint-right-over almost everything in 28 gorgeous, historical colors that launched a furniture painting revolution Chalk Paint?

Annie Sloan Chalk Painted furniture

And you probably are aware that this “British invasion innovation” is now available at over 100 stockists around the U.S. thanks to Lisa Rickert at Jolie Design and Decor. Well, just in case you’ve been living under a designer pillow, here’s some Chalk Paint info on our Royal Design Studio website. Oh, and by the way, did you know that we are now stocking the amazing Chalk Paint? And offering classes in Chalk Paint?? Well, now that you are fully up-to-date and in the know, it’s time to move on to the super fun portion of this post-everybody’s favorite-The BIG announcement and GIVEAWAY! Drumroll……

Announcing the Annie Sloan American Tour and Chalk Paint Giveaway!

Chalk Paint Giveaway Royal Design Studio

The U.S Stockist have banded together to spread a little paint magic around and celebrate the Annie Sloan American Tour, coming in Spring 2012 to a city near you! This little blog, Designamour, is just one of many hosting an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint gift basket giveaway, that includes: 2 quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (you choose!),  Annie Sloan Soft Wax in clear and dark, and Annie’s juicy “tell-all” book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations.

Here’s how to enter the Designamour Chalk Paint Giveaway:

Go to our Chalk Paint page at Royal Design Studio and leave a comment here telling me which are YOUR two color choices.

For an additional  entry, post a link to this giveaway on Facebook  and leave a comment here that you did.

For an additional, additional entry, post a link to this giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment here that you did.

For an additional, additional extra special entry, go to Royal Design Studio and leave a comment here telling me which stencil you would love to have to paint a piece of furniture with. (If you do, and THAT comment is chosen as the winner, you will get the stencil AS WELL as the Chalk Paint Gift Basket! Brilliant!

That’s 4 chances to win! The Giveaway ends December 31, when a comment winner will be drawn via

AND the chances don’t even end there. There’s MORE!

The lucky winner of the Giveaway here will also be entered to win a free registration to the Annie Sloan American Tour, in the city of your choice. THAT winner will be drawn by Annie Sloan Unfolded and announced on Annie’s Blog on January 10, 2012.

Good luck!!!!!!!

All furniture images designed and painted by Annie Sloan. Photographer: Christopher Drake

68 Responses to “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint”

  1. Amber E. Says:

    My two favorite color choices of Annie Sloan paint are Paris Grey and Provence. :)

  2. Amber E. Says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  3. Antje Says:

    I am so curious about this paint. Coco and olive would be my choices although all the colors are beautiful.

  4. Natalie Says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this paint out! I love the Emile and the Old Ochre!
    I’ve just shared this link on my Facebook page and I think I can rock that rockin roses damask stencil on my grandmothers secretary desk that’s been waiting for me to paint for 2 years!

  5. kim lombardi Says:

    Emile & Henrietta…purple & purple what could be better :)

  6. kim lombardi Says:

    Springtime in Paris because to dit on Francais ce marvelous. Ok my French is really bad but anyway that’s the stencil I want!

  7. kim lombardi Says:

    Ok I linked to FB, but don’t know how to tweet, so I guess I better learn!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Poppy and Moss, falling leaf stencil. And my good friend Natalie will be painting a piece of furniture for me when I win!! Because thats what she put on her facebook, I can’t wait!! :)

  9. Sandy Says:

    Favorite colors Coco and either the Blue or the red hummmm cant decide

  10. Sandy Says:

    Fav stencil Spring time in Pars

  11. kim Says:

    I did it! I figured out how to tweet & linked about the contest. Whew. That was hard!

  12. Sandy Says:

    Shared on FAce book.

  13. Sandy Says:

    Tweeted about giveaway at twitter.

  14. Calley Says:

    Would have to say Duck Egg Blue and Old Ochre. They’re all so pretty. Love all the stencils too. Really likin’ the Zebra stripes – would be so pretty on my teen daughter’s walls!

  15. Jane S. Says:

    French Linen and Paris Blue all the way, baby! Love those colors.

  16. Jane S. Says:

    The Cherry Blossoms stencil is my favorite one. Just beautiful!

  17. Bernie Says:

    Provence and Antibes. It was very hard to narrow down to two!

  18. Jennifer Serrano Says:

    Can’t get me enough of the Old White and Graphite!!!!

  19. Beth Rozier Says:

    My 2 favorite are Duck Egg and Coco!! But it was really hard to pick just 2.

  20. Lisa McGriff Says:

    I like Duck Egg Blue and Old Ochre.

  21. Lisa McGriff Says:

    I like the Large Japanese Flower Stencil.

  22. Keva Says:

    Old white is my fav because I can mix it to any color I want! (Accidentally mixed up a Paris Grey the other day. That was a fun surprise.)

  23. Laura Blocker Says:

    I really like the Antibes Green and the Greek Blue.

  24. Melanie Says:

    Me too! That’s a great combo for a Mediterranean look!

  25. Shirley Says:

    French Linen and Paris Blue

  26. bridget Says:

    OOOO! So excited about these paints and can’t wait to try them out! Love the Chateau Grey and Duck Egg Blue. Thinking that it would be awesome with the small fabric damask pattern or on any piece of reurbished furniture!

  27. Tammy Says:

    I love the duck egg blue and the cream!!! *fingers crossed* :)

  28. Tammy Says:

    I shared on facebook!! I Love the “Circle of Life” stencil! :)

  29. Melanie Says:

    Thanks! That’s one of my new ones! Designed for a Marrakech project….will be posting more about it next week!

  30. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely Says:

    I would love to try Antibes green, and you can’t go wrong with old white.

  31. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely Says:

    LOVE the Lisboa all over stencil from Royal Design Studios!

  32. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely Says:

    Posted to my FB as well. Here’s hoping!!

  33. kim Says:

    Paris Grey & Henrietta. I have an old vanity type dresser type vanity thingy that would look good those colors. I know that makes sense.

  34. Anne Says:

    I love Provence and Old White – makes me think of Tiffany’s

  35. Terry Says:

    If I had to pick two it would be graphite and the duck egg blue.

  36. Samantha Says:

    Without a doubt, Greek Blue and Graphite. They’ll make all the difference in my Totoro-themed nursery :D

  37. Debra C. Says:

    I would choose Pure White and Versailles.

  38. Debra C. Says:

    I love the Vases and Pearls stencil.

  39. Karen T Says:

    I just finished two end tables in Old Ochre with a clean coat of wax and a coat of dark wax beautiful. I select Duck Egg and Aubusson Blue the blues are amazing. I have plenty of pieces to paint I told my family the only thing I want for Christmas is Annie Sloan paint, wax, stencil and brushes.

  40. Alice W Says:

    Too many to choose only 2! I pick Paris Grey and Cream.
    Also shared the link on Facebook.

  41. Lauri Says:

    My favorites are Provence and Old White. I agree too many to choose from!!

  42. Karen T Says:

    Had to get one of the kids to show me but I have linked you to my Facebook. I’m learning just like I want to become an expert Annie Sloan painter

  43. Melanie Says:

    Thanks for the extra effort Karen! :)

  44. Karen T Says:

    I love Annie Sloan chalk paint

  45. Karen T Says:

    I love the small,large hydrangea — absolutely beautiful. Would be a nice tough to a tall or long dresser after its been painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint

  46. Erin Says:

    I’m thinking about redoing all the furniture in my sunroom and would love to try the emperor’s silk under the cream.

  47. Erin Says:

    and I forgot to mention that I love the Large Fabric Damask stencil!

  48. Melanie Says:

    OOOH, that sounds pretty. Good combo idea!

  49. Sylvia Says:

    I love the Paris Grey and the duck egg blue. would love to win this Thanks

  50. Laura Says:

    Aubusson Blue and Arles! So Excited!

  51. Laura Says:

    Love the Casablanca Trellis stencil!

  52. Christy Says:

    Love Antibes Green & Old White, although I don’t see how you can go wrong with any of those colors!

  53. Christy Says:

    The large fabric damask stencil is my fave! I’d start in my powder room, then go from there. :) Thanks!

  54. Amber E. Says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!/AndriconGirl/status/147886985112076290

  55. Suzy Says:

    Though most I recently have been painting dinosaurs (yes, life-size, moving dinosaurs), I am enamored with faux, furniture and Designamour! Last month I rescued several old pieces of the furniture from the side of the road and want to give them new life.

    Wouldn’t some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Country Grey with Chateau Grey accents be gorgeous on a lovely old Armoire?

    (Or maybe Versaille with Olive…)

  56. Suzy Says:

    This Christmas I am giving my niece (who is growing up WAY too fast) a redesign/repaint of her bedroom in the Paris Apartment design style. Don’t you think I absolutely have to have the Allover Pattern Stencils: Springtime in Paris Set?

    Thanks for the constant and wonderful inspiration!!

  57. Jonel Says:

    I like duck egg blue and old white

  58. Jonel Says:

    love a lot of the stencils but my fav is casablanca trelis

  59. Jonel Says:

    posted giveaway on FB

  60. Shanna Says:

    I posted a link to my facebook account.. Revamped French. Ooh I’m super excited for this giveaway!

    Thanks again! :) )

  61. Jean Morand Says:

    I love all ASCP colors. But if I must choose only two, they are Old White and Emperor’s Red.

  62. Jean Morand Says:

    Posted your link on Facebook.

  63. Jean Morand Says:

    Posted your link on Twitter.

  64. Jean Morand Says:

    The stencil that caught my eye and would love to use on a piece of furniture is “Fleur de lis Garland”.

  65. Lu Says:

    Love the French Linen and Graphite. I have heard amazing things about this paint.

  66. Lu Says:

    love the look of Large Deco Damask stencil~

  67. Donna Flecchia Says:

    I especially like French Linen and Provence. Would like to paint my dresser in one of these colors.

  68. LInda Says:

    2 choices: Old White and Antibes