July 1st, 2011

Customer Love: Gary Lord

Having two companies can be a lot like having two children. You love each one passionately and strive to give them equal amounts of time and attention. It can be hard to maintain that balance, though, when one or the other becomes more “needy”. And so, while lately I have been focusing a lot on my “oldest” child Royal Design Studio, which sells reusable, “designer” mylar stencils since 1994, my “baby” Modello Designs (one-time-use vinyl masking stencils) has been feeling neglected and is frankly starting to get a bit jealous. And so, my darling Modello Designs, I am committing some quality time to spend with you, and promise to show you off and brag about you here once a week!

Modello stencils on cabinets

This will not be hard, as you can do amazing things! While your Royal stencil sister excels at creating beautiful repetitive pattern, YOU truly shine when it comes to creating custom-designed, custom fit patterns. Take this recent project by my good friend and Italy traveling buddy, Gary Lord, of Prismatic Painting Studio and Gary Lord Wall Options.

Gary worked with our in-house custom Modello designer extraordinaire, Michelle, to modify some of our existing designs for an amazing kitchen cabinet conversion.

Each Modello vinyl stencil pattern was designed to fit the various door panel spaces perfectly, so that Gary could simply place them and focus on his artistry rather than the frustration of trying to fit the patterns to individual spaces.

Modello cabinet stencils

Gary used an elegant trompe l’oeil painting technique that Alison Wooley shared on one of our painting trips to Italy.

furniture stencils

Using multiple values of the same color and applying some hand painted touches over a quickly stenciled base color that was applied through the Modello patterns, Gary created a kitchen masterpiece! What will our Modello customers cook up next?! Stay tuned, and see….

5 Responses to “Customer Love: Gary Lord”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Thanks Antje!

  2. anna sadler Says:

    this was a stunning job, great collaboration form all you super amazing talented people!

    Melanie, so glad you have 2 “children” and looking forward to more posts on the “baby” child…you know how I love her!!! :-)

  3. Lisa G Says:

    What a gorgeous collaboration. I’m just in awe of the talent.

  4. gary lord Says:

    Thanks Mel, I am actually going back to this client this week to continue more of this same work for them! I am proud of both of your children and I have enjoyed watching them grow up into the fine adults they are:)

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