In the fall of 2009 I began introducing Virtual Workshops as a way to teach decorative painting techniques to students around the country (and world) through web-based methods. To date, hundreds of students have enjoyed learning new techniques such as metallic foils with Foilin’ Around, Stencil Impressions, and the popular patterned finishes for mirror and glass through a series of recorded video lessons, detailed manuals and review webinars. These have been very successful in this current economy where funds have been limited for travel to participate in hands-on studio workshops. Recently, we began production of our 4th Virtual Workshop which combines our Modello Masking Pattern stencils with one of my favorite concrete resurfacing products: SkimStone. This new workshop will be available in late summer. One series of video lessons will guide students through the process of competing a beautiful floor project from start to finish. I am joined in this video series by Katrina Johnson, technical sales director for SkimStone, and her wealth of product knowledge from her ten years with this amazingly simple yet versatile product. Would you like a sneak peek? Well…..ok….and to celebrate this upcoming workshop, we are offering super pricing on our current ones for a limited time here!

Modello stencils and SkimStone

Modello stencils and SkimStone

It was a lot of work trying to do this project and film it well at the same time, but it will be SO worth it to be able to show a major project from start to finish, in addition to the basic studio lessons and Modello finishes. I think it will really take the intimidation factor out of tackling a floor project that incorporates pattern work, as I get the opportunity to show how easy it is to make adjustments with the Modello stencils. Oh, and I love my new floor! Look for more info in this new Virtual Workshop coming soon! Meanwhile, you can check out quite a few  previous SkimStone posts here.

6 Responses to “New Virtual Workshop Sneek Peak”

  1. Mano Venkatraman Says:

    That is wonderful, wonderful news, Melanie!
    Your virtual workshops are absolutely the best and I am constantly being inspired by them.
    Thank you!

  2. anna sadler Says:

    count me IN!! the floor is absolutely stunning! so glad I had the chance to see it the other week! you continue to astonish impress and inspire! i cant wait to dip my hands into this product next!!

  3. Ann Kempen Says:

    Out of this world beautiful!

  4. Rosana Curatolo Says:

    This is wonderful! Beautiful floor! Count me in for the next virtual workshop.

  5. Lesley Anne Kinney Says:

    That floor is to die for! Problem is, I only ever come across garage floors that are concrete or basements that usually have dampness problems. Does anyone have experience with Skimstone floors in the North East?

  6. Melanie Says:

    Thanks for the inspiring comments! Lesley, you should get in touch with Katrina at SkimStone regarding that concern. Damp concrete can be an issue, but I believe that if you apply just two or three coats of sealer it will be well protected and still able to “breath”.