I have a little mini-obsession going with artistic  typography. I think it started with the typography floor I designed for one of our project in Marrakech. It continued on with the It’s Just Your Type collection we released through Modello Designs. Lately, I’ve been focusing on stencil designing and have been exploring ideas for a collection of typography stencils for Royal Design Studio.


The first few stencils for the collection are now ready and I’m really excited to share them. Here we show the whole Springtime in Paris Typography stencil set. Each of these stencils is sold separately, but I actually envisioned them all working together as a layered treatment.


The first layer of this look is a repeating wallpaper stencil of a French poem about Spring! How’s that for timing? You can read the interpretation of the poem on the website.


Of course you can create a sweet focal point by just using the sweet Paris Postage Stamp stencil by itself.


Here is another version of the whole stencil set that is a sample on a subtly distressed plaster finish that I created for a uncoming stencil workshop I will be teaching in May at my friend Gary Lord’s Prismatic Painting Studio. I am really interested to know what you think of these, as I have so many possible ideas swimming around in my head! If you think I’m on the right track with these, just say the word! :)

4 Responses to “Typography Stencils-Oh La La!”

  1. Cat Says:

    this is just lovely. have you considered offering the alphabet? I really want an entire stenciled alphabet that is easy to put the letters together to make my own words. I love this font

  2. Gwen Ware Says:

    LOVE this!!

  3. Barb Skivington Says:

    Absolutely love these and have the perfect spot for them in my newly redesigned studio. Ordering all of them on Monday!

  4. anna sadler Says:

    since when aren’t you on the right track??? Melanie, you aren’t just on the right track, you PAVE the road for us all!!!! LOVE these new additions and all the great new stencils!