March 14th, 2011

Lime Love

I am SO in love with this wall finish and blog post by Cat at  The Golden Touch.  NOT just because she used our popular Moorish Trellis stencil, but because she also used one of my favorite decorative mediums, Interno Lime Wash from Sydney Harbour Paints.

Wall stencil-Moorish Trellis

I have actually shown you pictures of some walls that were done in our studio with  the Interno Lime Wash before here, but they are so, so pretty I think they bear repeating….


One of the things I love about Sydney Harbour is that they produce hand painted color fan decks.  You can pick these up from your local distributor (ours here is the local, independent Ben Moore store) or order them online. I think the cost is quite reasonable for what you get! This one above is the interior/exterior fan deck.


Cat took a different approach to her walls by applying the Interno Lime Wash with a roller over a base of thinned, rolled on joint compound-which looks fabulous! We followed the manufacturer’s instructions and applied the Lime Wash in two coats with large “box” brushes over their lime primer.

Lime wash pink and orange

Either way, this is a very fast, easy finish that produces walls that look like they are ALIVE. Actually they are! The natural lime “blooms” through the paint creating subtle, natural color variations. The Lime Wash is a great alternative to lime plasters when you want to add a Mediterranean feel to your walls-and the color selection is simply divine!


I hadn’t been to their website in awhile and was excited to see some new specialty finishes including Colored Chalkboard Paint, some REALLY cool different Rust options, and something called Industrial Lustre. I am inspired to get my hands particularly on the rust finishes. Are you inspired too?? It looks like right now this Australian-based company is limited to stocking in the US in California and New York, but their website indicates an online store coming soon. Let’s hope so!

6 Responses to “Lime Love”

  1. Regina Says:

    That Lime! You know, that Moorish Trellis stencil just never loses its appeal. I have mine nicely stored and I’ve used it on a few projects. So versatile. And, oh? New products like rust and lustre? Good to know — thank you!

  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    I love this color. I did my Father in Law’s kitchen in a lime color and the living room in a burgundy red shad in Venziano plaster. I would love to know which color this is so I could put it in the kitchen. I used the morrish stencil on the back of the living room coat closet door. I did it in foil. It is so pretty. I don’t think you can go mrong with the Morrish stencil. It is so elegant on anything.

  3. Jan Gonzales Says:

    That is a burgundy red shade. I wish we had a edit button on these different websites.

  4. Cat Says:

    Melanie: Thanks so much for the mention. I took the cheap way out and used the joint compound and I swear the walls look more besutiful each year! The color is “snow pea” off the fan deck. I want every color on the fan deck…And I am thinking of using the trellis stencil outside on my new wood very bare fence….hmmmm, nice outdoor spring project!

  5. Cat Says:

    Melanie: I know you LOVE your books, have you seen “walls” by Florence de Dampierre (go to amazon (32 bucks)). decorative finishes of all time.
    big story in AD with pics and all over blogs now. You will die!

  6. Melanie Says:

    Thanks Cat. Duly noted and immediately ordered!!!! :)