February 4th, 2011

Papaya Art

Have you heard of Papaya? 


If you haven’t, you’ve surely seen their colorful array of products including cards, giclee prints, journals, totes, etc. Their style, which layers whimsical imagery, global cultural influences, decorative pattern, and inspiring typography is QUITE recognizable and memorable. Creative abandon, indeed!




You might note that I feel a strong creative kinship with the ladies of this company if you notice HOW PERFECT this imagery looks on THIS blog, LOL!

Stencils-Moroccan Stencils-Papaya 3

So, you can imagine my delight that they chose to use Royal Design Studio stencils from my Moroccan stencil collection in their current trade show booth.

Stencils-Moroccan Stencils-Papaya 2

I love how the graphic black and white pattern “grounds” the space, provides continuity, and provides the perfect compliment to their colorful product mix!

Stencils-Moroccan Stencils-Papaya 1

Note the shift from black on white to white on black to help distinguish the different product lines. Brilliant!

You can keep track of the goings on of this talented team of ladies, led by Anahata Katkin, at the Papaya Blog. The yare currently in the process of designing and decorating their new flagship shop in Ashland, Oregon  (a Lux Boho Boutique), where another one of the Moroccan stencil patterns will be used on a 23′ high ceiling. I’m DYING to see that and only wish that Ashland was closer to San Diego.

P.S. Coincindently, I just saw some Papaya art feature on my friend Angela’s new blog. Check out THIS lovely and inspiring post!

One Response to “Papaya Art”

  1. Angela Gorini Perrone Says:

    OMG… I just fell on the floor…
    My favorite designer and my favorite artist… inspiring one another?!
    This is TOO GOOD to be true! A match made in heaven. I wait with baited breath to see what comes of this serendipitous collaboration of ROCKSTAR TALENT.