January 2nd, 2011

Decade(s) of Design

Welcome to the new decade! I know many people who are eager to put 2010 behind them and I certainly count myself among them. I’ll cop to having been in a major funk the last couple of months, i.e. loss of interest, loss of creative spirit,  loss of clear direction, loss of confidence. Basically, a serious loss of MOJO! After some major mental mind mapping , I feel like I’ve cleared out some major cobwebs and cast off the self-inflicted chains that I was tying my brain and body up with. Now…..I’m BAAAACK with a clear focus and the creative juices are flowing again. I’m looking forward to redesigning my businesses, websites, this BLOG, and more-by revisiting my “roots’ of  designing timeless stencils and educating and inspiring a broad range of customers with innovative ways to use them! After 26 years of stenciling and decorative painting I’m feeling like I’ve come full circle and am ready to introduce a whole new generation of creative decorators to the art of stenciling. Man! that makes my sound old, doesn’t it?? I guess if you hang around in the water  long enough you get to catch the next big wave!!


Anyway, after clearing out the Christmas decorations I began poking around in some piles of design magazines that I’ve stashed here and there and came across several old issues from a decade ago. 


What strikes me is that all of the design featured on these covers is timeless and classic  in its own way.


While design “fashion” comes and goes, good, classic design is always relevant, always appreciated, always in style. Here’s to “classics”, a better year, and another decade of great design!!