January 31st, 2011

Blog Love

 We’ve been getting lots of  lovely links and mentions. It’s just SO cool and SO appreciated! I am a little late in getting this posted, as usual, but what the hey!!

stencils-modello-groin ceiling

Two weeks ago Regina at Fauxology ran a wonderful weeklong series on Groin Ceiling Decoration. She was so sweet to devote one whole day to how Modello Designs decorative masking stencils have been used in amazing groin projects, and I was happy to share the talents of our customers!


Emily at Good with Style did a post on Moroccan stencils and organic poofs and created this lovely montage of the stencil project that we did for a dining tent in Marrakech last May.

stencils-Savvy Housekeeping

Savvy Housekeeping shared how inexpensive it can be to get the look of Moroccan tile in a bathroom with stencils from our Moroccan Collection.

stencils-Soul Pretty

Soul Pretty has Morocco on her mind as well, and just purchased one of our stencils to decorate the wall behind her bed. Looking forward to seeing that! Meanwhile, she has a delightful Etsy shop as well!

wall stencils-Style Files

Danielle at Style Files is “loving” the idea of stenciling stair risers with Moroccan patterns, as we did on another Marrakech painting adventure to Peacock Pavilions. Lots of people seem to be loving this lately. I think we started something!!

wall stencils-Back to Domestics

Darling Kelly at Back to Domestics mused that stencils are SO more creative and economical than wallpaper. I couldn’t agree more! :)


And, it’s a Fauxology bookend! One of our very bestest customer couples at Modello Designs, Anna and Scott Sadler, were featured last week on Fauxology along with some great shots of amazing interior projects that they had done with……you guessed it! Modello patterns! Thanks to all for the mentions AND the backlinks!!

2 Responses to “Blog Love”

  1. anna sadler Says:

    Melanie,thx for YOUR great mentions too! I fear we cannot keep you as our well kept secret weapon, you are just going to be a household word, period! :-)
    In reference to your comment about “starting something”, you have been PAVING the way for a loooong time!

  2. Regina Says:

    Thank you for the bookend love! :) BTW, how did I miss that Savvy Housekeeping pic? Goodness, I’m just mesmerized by that pattern. And color combo. Gorgeousness.