A beautiful Sunday morning seems a fine time to finally get around to sorting and posting some pictures from my most recent Peacock Painting trip to Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech. I feel like I’m taking a “virtual” trip back there….if you want to come along, you will see…


..the most efficient form of transportation for getting quickly around the souks…


..where purple silk hangs to dry….


…and rusted hinges pile up and just BEG for you to grab a handful (tempted!)…


…red thongs sit on a “factory” line…


…and random pots form a perfect still life.


On the edge of the Medina, the gardens at La Mamounia invite you to take a casual stroll…

…where stately palms cast shadows on a building halfway down the path.


Perhaps you’d prefer some quiet reflection at the Medersa…


…or a morning walk in the Koutoubia gardens under the watchful eye of the mosque tower.


How about browsing for Fortuny inspired, henna-decorated goatskin chandeliers? It was hard to resist purchasing one of these, so I got two!


You might enjoy a quiet game of chess in a historic hotel in Essaouira… 


…or an afternoon enjoying the cactus gardens at the Jardin Majorelle?


If you think a “virtual” trip is for the birds and are considering a REAL LIVE trip to Marrakech in the future, I am compiling an “interest list” for a 4th Peacock Painting trip in the next year or so. Drop me a line if you are interested…..

6 Responses to “Light, Color, Shadow, Marrakech”

  1. julie miles Says:

    interested, lusting, wanting to go there now.

  2. jenni Says:

    Very interested.

  3. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Awesome!!! A fourth trip…I’m Marrakech or bust!!! Beautiful images Melanie, of a very special time and place. Also, have poured over every page of Modello by Design, Volume 2 Inspiring Images from Artist Portfolios…mmm, I think ‘inspiring’ might be an understatement. Great work!!!

  4. Debbie Says:

    Hi Melanie – been waiting to see more pics. Great memories of the inaugural trip to PP! Peahens are we – funny. Love the tent. When is Maryam’s book being published? Can’t wait to see more of the project. Let’s go to Umbria what do you say?

  5. Melanie Says:

    Maryam’s book is due to be out Spring of 2011. OK, let’s DO go to Umbria. How about October???

  6. Thersa B Giffin Says:

    Interested in Marrakech and Spain!

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