January 23rd, 2010

Flower Girl

As soon as I became engaged 2 1/2 years ago, the questions started….”So when are you getting married”?, “When’s the big day”?, etc, etc. I haven’t been dragging my heels due to marriage doubts-rather because of wedding planning doubts. Like, when am I going to be able to fit this in to our busy life?? We toyed with the elopement thing and the civil ceremony during lunch thing, but that seems-well-lame. I was just really afraid that planning a “real” wedding would get out of hand. Now, when I say “would get out of hand” what I REALLY mean is that I was afraid “I” would get out of hand. I’m pretty much “hands off” or “all in” about things, you know….

Well, we finally did it! We set a date for April 25. So far, I’m keeping it pretty well in check. Mainly, I think, because I have SO MANY new projects I’ve started (I think that this ecomomy has everyone working harder just to keep up!). To demonstrate HOW busy, I can tell you that we arrived at the date a couple of months ago and I am JUST getting around to posting about it!! So far, my plans haven’t gotten TOO much out of hand. I HAVE gone from thinking about a ceremony in a park to The Rancho Bernado Inn, from a dress from the mall to something custom just for me from Cinderella’s Closet (she’s telling me I’m getting a REALLY late start on this-typical!), from a potluck to an elegant lunch buffet, from iPod tunes to a Spanish guitarist….Now, my thoughts turn to flowers.  My goal is to have a not-completely traditional, traditional wedding  (like that makes ANY sense). My floral “style” leans more toward “a bunch of random flowers randomly stuffed into vases”. So I am loving these looks and the idea of just picking a color scheme of pink, coral, green, and creme and making some informal arrangements in a variety of pretty different containers for the tables. These will be placed on antique mirror rounds, of course… I’m really inspired by these first two photos from the latest Veranda magazine….



…and these pretty pics from a recent post on decor8…

decor8 flowers 1

from Creative Mint….

decor8 flowers 2

and Wood and Wool Stool. I think I need to start hitting some flea markets for some vase shopping!!!

5 Responses to “Flower Girl”

  1. kim longo Says:

    Melanie: I have a fantastic classical guitarist who lives locally if you are interested.

  2. Julie Stonehouse Says:

    Congratulations! My brother just got married and he and his bride pulled it off in 3 months. You can do it! I wish you and Eric all the best.

  3. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    How exciting Melanie and Eric!! Great joy to you! Together, a truly stunning couple…a dynamic duo!

  4. Rhonda Canales Says:

    If anyone can pull this off it is you!! Congratulations to you and Eric for setting a date. Enjoy the process!

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