December 30th, 2009

Paper Illusions


When I first saw the cover of this book while browsing in a store with my friends last winter, I literally snatched it to my breast and hugged it like a long lost love. 


I didn’t even need to open it to know that contained amazing treasures…..


….when I did open it (after rushing to corner of the store lest anyone try to wrest it from my hands) my heart beat faster as I gasped at each turn of the page.


Isabelle de Borchgrave has a magical workshop/studio in Brussels, Belgium “where humble art materials are transformed into shimmering visions of beautiful clothing and luxurious living”.



Her inspiration for these exquisite costumes, all made from paper, comes from the legendary Fortuny silks of Venice to the courts of the Medici in Florence.


First shown in France in 1998 in a traveling exhibit, “Papiers a la Mode”, achingly beautiful photography here by Rene Stoeltie makes these intricate art pieces even more magical.



Beyond the stenciled patterns (which are AMAZING!) the level of detail in the design of the fashions down to the smallest button, brooch, and bit of lace is breathtaking.


It was incredible difficult for me to choose these photographs to share as I REALLY want you to see them all!

6 Responses to “Paper Illusions”

  1. Susan Says:

    I actually saw this show in Paris…I forgot about it until this post. Thanks for the revisit!

  2. Regina - Fauxology Says:

    OMG. Seriously. Is there nothing better than books? And gorgeous photographs? And quirky, genius artisans? And beautiful patterns and artworks? Delicious post.

  3. Connie Lupo Says:

    These are GORGEOUS

  4. Julie Stonehouse Says:

    Melanie — Thank you! I have a colleague at the Fashion Institute that makes dresses out of newspaper. I will have to pass on this beautiful post to him and to our librarian — Get this book!

  5. Diane Says:

    absolutely a dream…just wonderful

  6. BettyOnTheVerge Says:

    Oh, these are amazing!! Just divine. I don’t know what else to say, but thank you so much for sharing!