September 6th, 2009

An Unrestrained Hand

This coming September 14-15, Modello Designs will be displaying at a booth at the HD Boutique in Miami for the first time. I’m very excited!! Our Modello Decorative Masking Patterns have been used before in hotel projects: The Grand Del Mar near San Diego, Peocock Pavilions in Marrakech, and the Lesic Dimitri Palace in Croatia. But that is just scratching the surface! My brain spins with the possibilities of our patterns dressing up surfaces in hotels and resorts all over the world…SO, this booth is my chance to introduce THAT world to MY world.


Our space is small (10′ x 10′), and I have a lot of possibilities I want to show, so my initial thought was to use a restrained hand and stick to a neutral color palette-to keep it very chic and elegant and “designer-ish”, based VERY loosely around a theme of a contemporary Moroccan-style tent. I started off well enough, sticking to a nice cream and warm beige for the Moroccan tile floor done in Skimstone to mimic inlaid travertine tile…..


…with tabletops done with Aurastone (thanks to David Rairick!) to look like inlaid marble.


I decided to use large-scale geometric patterns for the inside “walls” of the tent…


…introducing little pops of color here and there.


Little pops of color led to bigger pops of color for the outer walls…



…which led to even BIGGER pops of color for the “embroidered silk” panels that will hang in between…



over which specially designed patterned and distressed mirrors will hang…



…and did I mentioned that the inside of the tent ceiling will feature twinkling little mirror shapes cut from acrylic mirror? So much for using a restrained hand!!! See how and IF this all comes together next week……….;-)

for more photos on this “process”, please visit our Facebook Fan Page!

17 Responses to “An Unrestrained Hand”

  1. kim longo Says:

    Really really stunning. Good luck in the next dimension you take on!

  2. Thea Holmes Says:

    Look out Miami!!!

  3. Carol Says:

    I love the direction you are going in. Lot’s of hours and hard work here, Melanie! Your tent is sure to be a big hit! Looking forward to reading all about it. Bummed I can’t make the trip.

  4. Bruni Figueroa Says:

    Your first time there? Wow, you are going to blow’em away.

  5. Heather Bruno-Sears Says:

    Oh my…this is HUGE, how exciting!!! (understatement) You’re going to steal the show. These finishes are making my heart pound! I’m so proud of you and happy for you…ever-evolving, always onwards and upwards. Watch out Miami, here comes Melanie Royals!!

  6. ~gwen Says:

    Can’t wait to see it and can’t wait to get to Miami!!

  7. Patti Halstead Schlotterlein Says:

    I’m excited for you! The display elements are really yummy (I’m inspired)… I did the HD Expo in Vegas in gives you lots of exposure..If you have a few minutes- check out an installation of mine using Modello’s at the Robb & Stucky Interiors (30′ dome over the escalators) at the new mall on the strip…also used the ‘faux scraffito’ from one of your Italy trips in another showcase at the store (the Tuscan room). Good luck

  8. kim longo Says:

    Wow Melanie:

    The color combinations are just stunning. Enjoy the response you will undoubtedly receive!

  9. kim longo Says:

    Wow Melanie:

    The color combinations are just stunning. Enjoy the response you will undoubtedly receive!

  10. Gina Wolfrum Says:

    Yummy and inspiring! You’re sure to create a lot excitement (as usual). Best wishes for a successful show!

  11. Teresa Farland Says:

    This looks absolutely wonderful! I was looking for tweets about your HD Boutique booth–I hope there are pictures from the show.

  12. Rencontre Says:

    Une bien jolie rencontre au hazard du net avec votre blog, je le met dans mes favoris

  13. stencil helen Says:

    Love it.
    I have shoes from a designer that used to carve the words ‘too much is not enough’ into the soles of them.
    However this was not too much, it is exciting vibrant and yummy. Did you use one one of the pop up canvas gazebos on a metal frame?

  14. Melanie Says:

    Thank you all! Helen, it wasn’t a pop up, but rather a very sturdy fire retardant canvas from a place in Florida called Economy Tents. Not exactly cheap, unfortunately. I will be bringing it to IDAL this year and serving Moroccan mint tea in it, I think!

  15. muazzaz Says:

    i ahve a workshop for making hand made marble mosaic
    are u interested in?

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