Some time ago, Roman Raygoza came to my studio to take a class in mirror decoration using the mirror antiquing product that we carry. I remember him saying that he designed and worked with upholstery trim, which made me think of gimp and tassels….and I like a well-trimmed piece of upholstery as much as the next girl, but….then I recently received an email from Ramon with a link to an article on his company by Balustrade and Bitters that includes some of his gorgeous work on decorative mirrors AND his amazing custom-designed trims.


Ramon in his elegant design studio.


The patterned, patinated mirror tiles using a repetitive Modello pattern…


…reflecting on how beautiful this is…


…and what a way with nailheads!


Delightfully carved wooden tassels….

Ramon Raygoza

…and amazingly intricately detailed trimmings. I. want. to. use. this. somewhere.

Full article and more photos on Ballustrade and Bitters.

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3 Responses to “Roman Raygoza: All the Trimmings”

  1. Becky Roth Says:

    Wow! I want it all.

  2. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Absolutely beautiful work. Someday I’m going to master the mirrors.

  3. Roman Says:

    thank you so much for your comments guys