I just love the work of Raina Gentry of Raintree Studios, and not just because she has taken decorative finishing classes with me and also now uses our Modello Decorative Masking Patterns as a basis for most of her mixed media fine art. You see, she will often start with a Modello pattern to create a subtly textured background, upon which she addes paint, charcoal, and ink. It’s the colors, the compositions, the energy, the emotional response….


When Raina works on her canvases, she allows each piece to evolve naturally, without structure or expectation about the final outcome. Through this organic approach, Raina believes that she taps into, and expresses, universal themes that many people can identify with. She herself sometimes doesn’t discover the true meaning of the work to her until years later.


Raina will be teaching her techniques in a hands on workshop at the upcoming art retreat, Art Unraveled 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. Raina’s workshop at Art Unraveled is called “Controlled Chaos”. During this workshop students will learn her artmaking process that will help them tap into their creative subconscious, to work more intuitively, and to experiment as a way of developing new skills. This approach will help students overcome some of the roadblocks that many emerging artists experience in relation to “performance anxiety.” Students will learn a series of techniques that will keep them moving forward with their paintings, have more fun with their artwork, and get them more in touch with their intuition.


Raina sells her original work as well as archival prints of her mixed media canvases through her website Raintree Studios. You can also keep up with Raina’s studio work on her Facebook Page!

2 Responses to “Artist Spotlight: Raina Gentry”

  1. Jan Gonzales Says:

    Beautiful work Raina! Thanks Melanie for sharing her work with us. I know about the “performance anxiety” I get it every time I take your classes. I should consider taking her class to see if she can help me get rid of this!!!!

  2. Rhonda Canales Says:

    I love Raina. Met her in the first class she took from you when you were still in the old studio. She is an amazing gal and an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing her art.