July 13th, 2009

LM Pagano LA House Tour

While cruising around the internet this past weekend I came across a “home tour” of the colorful LA home of LM Pagano on the Los Angeles Times website. Pagano herself has quite a colorful life and past: she made shirts for Bob Dylan out of antique fabrics, embroidered jeans for David Lee Roth, cooked for Speilberg and has decorated numerous homes for Nicolas Cage and even Johnny Depp’s yacht (most impressive!). Oh yeah, she’s also an accomplished jazz singer. SOME people!!






I love, love LOVE this blue color and all these adorable Chinese dolls. Don’t you just want some?

7 Responses to “LM Pagano LA House Tour”

  1. Karen Jorgenson Says:

    Are you saying that she may have breathed the same air as Johnny Depp and I could have toured her home and breathed the same air as her. Why didn’t we go to that tour?

  2. Melanie Says:

    Silly, it wasn’t a “tour” as in “go to her home tour”, it’s a “photo tour”. That’s OK, I know you’re tired from having your arms over your head for many days….I’ll be Johnny never uses his boat anyway.

  3. Karen Jorgenson Says:

    It really is a beautiful house. I totallly love the eclectic style and unique color palette. Love the blue and orange.

  4. Fauxology Says:

    That headboard AND Johnny have my head reeling…

  5. Melanie Says:

    I’m just imagining the two together on the same bed….just thought I’d say that before Karen did…LOL

  6. Fauxology Says:

    Melanie — you just made me seriously laugh out loud! SO funny! [Karen -- hands off! ;) ] BTW, took the time to click on the LA Times link you gave and she just has the bestest space. Fun and colorful, just the type of home you want to spend time in. I’m now seriously thinking of re-upholstering my ottoman in zebra.

  7. Dyan Says:

    I know LM because she was also Nic’s buyer as well as interior decorater for Pracilla Presley. About two weeks after he married Lisa Maria, Nic bought a red standard poodle from me. Since right before that time, LM has been a good friend, funny , sweet and as REAL as a person can be. This talented lady has her Ducks in a Row.